Miriam – Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant helps her 6 month old client go from waking 1-2 hourly to Sleeping Through The Night!

 Kristina and her husband were exhausted when I went to see them, they had been surviving on such minimal sleep, they were only just holding it together.

Their son had regressed in his sleeping habits around 6 months old, and his over tiredness had compounded which had led to more and more sleep debt.

His naps were tricky, his days long, his temperament grumpy and tired. This boy needed sleep, the entire family did!

I love sharing our clients success with you, especially when they take the plunge, trust us 100% and invest in a home consultation. This tells me they are all in, they are committed to better sleep and they always work so hard for their goals and make me so proud!

“Our precious 1 year old son decided from 6 months of age that he was going to start waking every 1-2 hours during the night!

So after 6 months of my husband and I being severely sleep deprived we decided that neither us or our baby could continue on like this with such terrible sleep patterns and I approached Baby Sleep Consultants.

Thank God we did! Miriam was our sleep consultant and what a blessing she has been! From our first phone call to the home visit and correspondence via phone/emails Miriam has been nothing but warming ,supportive and caring!

By night 2 of following Miriam’s recommended schedule our son slept through the night and we have not looked back! Its like we have a new baby and I cant begin to tell you how refreshed my husband I feel,because we now (after 6 months of surviving on 3 hours sleep) can rest uninterrupted!

I without a doubt highly recommend Miriam, if you are having sleep issues with your child fix it sooner rather than later! From the bottom of our hearts thank you Miriam for you have truly given us our life back!”


Six months of 3 hours sleep a night!

That level of sleep deprivation is next level, and I am so happy for Kristina, her husband and their son! Their bodies will be getting back to an even setting, stress hormones will begin to calm down, their appetites will regulate again.

They’ll be healthier and experience less illness this winter, and emotionally they will feel so much better. I am so happy for them! Sleep is so amazing!

Miriam is a Melbourne based Baby and Child Sleep Consultant

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