Restless little angel

Like his namesake, Gabriel was a little angel. Except, that is, when it came to nap time. At 13 months old, his parents expected that he would already be settled into a regular routine of long naps and nighttime sleeps. But he hadn’t learnt to self-soothe at all, and his parents were concerned (not to mention tired!). Of course, Gabriel’s parents had tried all kinds of tricks to get him to nod off. Nothing really worked though, other than to rock him to sleep in his pram.

Evenings were no easier. In addition to being difficult to settle, Gabriel would wake up frequently throughout the night. His mum had to tend to him anywhere between 2-5 times every night! And whenever he woke up, he had to be breastfeed back to sleep each time. Needless to say, the sweet wee angel was exhausting.

Getting advice over the phone

After 13 months of rocking Gabriel to sleep in his pram, his parents knew that they needed to make a change. Gabriel’s Mum got on the phone with Narisha for a one-hour consultation to see what could be done to change his sleeping habits.

Narisha listened and asked questions to work out what kind of sleeper Gabriel was. Together they talked through what techniques could be used to help him settle, such as gradual withdrawal and the pick up/put down method. “But Gabriel’s parents were emotionally and physically exhausted, so they needed to use a faster method,” Narisha explains, which is why they ultimately decided to try spaced soothing.

Trying spaced soothing…again

Gabriel’s Mum was already familiar with the spaced soothing technique because she’d given it a go once before. But it hadn’t worked with Gabriel because it hadn’t been used consistently. Naturally, Gabriel’s Mum was “super nervous” to try again, although she trusted that it could work. Narisha supported her to stay consistent with the spaced soothing this time around, and his parents really committed to sticking with it. Gabriel’s Mum even took time off to help Gabriel have his naps at home for a few days.

rocking to sleep

No more nodding off in his pram

It may seem like a miracle after 13 months of battling sleepless nights, but Gabriel’s parents started to notice the spaced soothing technique was working after only one day! Within another three days, Gabriel was settling in well for all his naps and not waking up during the night at all. Narisha had three follow up phone calls to check in on Gabriel’s progress, and by the time of the second call, Gabriel’s Mum “sounded so confident in what she was doing, and couldn’t believe that it was really happening.”

Consistency really was key in getting Gabriel to make the shift from the pram to his cot. He’s sleeping well and no longer needs to be rocked in the pram – much to the relief of his parents! Narisha believes that the technique worked so well “due to his parents’ commitment with consistency and repetition. They did such an amazing job and the turnaround time in getting him to fall asleep by himself showed that.”


We are so grateful and happy to have had you as our sleep consultant and help our 13 month old bubs sleep! From waking every couple of hours and only sleeping whilst being breastfed, he is now sleeping through the night! And from taking his day nap in the pram, now sleeping in his cot! Your support, advice and knowledge is much appreciated. We thank you again for all your help, and I would highly recommend any family struggling with their bub’s sleep to contact you!

Thank you Narisha!