7 ways to combat arsenic hour with your newbon

Newborn sleep can be a tricky mix of art and science and luck! But here is some help for your newborn in that tricky time of day so many of us struggle with.

4pm-8pm can be such a hard time of the day if you have a newborn. Let me help!

1. Don’t expect your newborn to self soothe to sleep, especially at this hour of the day. Don’t get frustrated if you put them down awake and they cry, 100% normal!

2. Use assisted naps to get through to bed time. Try a front pack nap, or buggy nap between 4-5pm to help your little one make it through the afternoon and into their bed time routine without loosing the plot.

3. Feed frequently, milk supply might feel lower, but its higher in fat and small frequent feeds at this time of day or “tanking up” are a great way to settle your baby and promote a good stretch of night sleep.

4. Establish an evening quiet routine, with dim lighting and a predictable sequence of events such as feed, bath, massage, feed, feed, feed, cuddle, cuddle, cuddle, sleep! (you get the idea).

5. Don’t make your newborn wait. A toddler can wait for a story, or have a late bath, if your newborn is crying, they need attention asap. Whether its a feed, or cuddle, try to avoid letting them spiral into being so upset you can’t bring them back.

6. Newborns are easily over stimulated, visitors, t.v, swapping parents constantly. Try to stick to a nice dimly lit room, quiet or using white noise, swaddle, feed, or cuddle, or pat or rock, but be patient and don’t rush the settling process.

7. If things aren’t going to plan, try to relax and not offer too many alternatives. Give settling strategies a chance to work, and hang in there, it wont be long before you aren’t stuck for what feels like for ever feeding and settling your newborn. If its feeling like ground hog day, smell their beautiful head, they don’t smell like that for long! Remember this smell! (this picture is my third baby, and it took me 3 babies of my own and 5 years to figure this out!)

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