Sometimes when you are dealing with a toddler and their sleep problems a touch of fairy magic is all that you need!

Recently I had the pleasure of working with little Ella who at 3 years old had started getting up at random times at night to turn her light on and play in her room. When she was bored she would call out to her parents or come and find them, this was disrupting the entire family at a time when sleep was precious, there was a new-born in the house!

After meeting with Ella and spending some time with her creating a bed time rules poster, and chatting about good behaviour at night, it was obvious that Ella was ever so slightly besotted by the idea of Fairies!

We stuck up her bed time rules poster which we had covered in pictures of Fairies, and stickers of Fairies. She understood that she needed to stay in bed and not touch her light or her parents would be putting her straight back to bed and turning her light off. She also knew that she had 3 strikes and then her parents would be shutting her door for 10 minutes.

All of this is good stuff, but when it came to what Ella’s reward would be, her mum and I spoke about a new Fairy toy or DVD, or stickers. But decided on something much more simple. Ella had one of those mini Fairy doors and firmly believed that Fairies came out of this door into her room.

We explained that the sleep Fairies would in fact come but only once the room was dark and Ella was asleep, we told her they might leave a special treat or a sign they had been! Ella was more than excited to go to bed, and clearly understood she needed to leave her light off and stay in bed.

In the morning the sleep fairies had been! They had left a trail of glitter (Fairy dust) over her floor and her bed. Ella was one very excited girl and this carried on into the next few nights. Problem solved!