Are you ready for a better sleep… Without feeling like you’ve compromised on your parenting style? Ready for longer naps? Easier settling? More confidence and freedom as a parent?

We are a team of certified sleep consultants dedicated to helping give parents the gift of sleep. We are all trained and certified infant and child sleep consultants, with the backing and support of Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd.

Our philosophy is based on science and experience, we pride our selves on recommended changes in your babies daily routine and nutrition based on this science and experience.

We work along side a nutritionist and breastfeeding expert to ensure we do not compromise your breastfeeding relationship or recommend inappropriate foods.

We work alongside the guidelines outlined by the world health organisation in regards to breastfeeding and the American Academy of Paediatrics in regards to sleep training.

Our consultants are all mother’s themselves and come packed full of empathy, understanding and enthusiasm. Let us sit down and take all the hard work out of trying to figure out why your little one wakes so frequently or won’t nap.

Director and head Mentor Emma is recognised in this field as a true sleep expert. She writes for Children’s magazine Little Treasures, Multiple Birth Club magazines, and parenting magazines. She has featured in the Herald, Sunday star times, and won several business awards. She has featured on a leading current affairs show and personally teacher and mentors all Baby Sleep Consultant sleep consultants.

This unique company structure ensures that when you employ one consultant you are in fact employing a team with more experience combined than any one consultant could get in their life time. This allows us to offer insight into your situation based on our experience and thus guarantee we can change the way your child sleeps.

We consider it an honour that you invite us into your home and allow us to help you with something so personal as your families sleep.

Thank you for trusting the team at Baby Sleep Consultant.