All of the Baby Sleep Consultant, sleep consultants are fully trained, mentored and certified by Baby Sleep Consultant Training Ltd.

We are the only registered training provider in New Zealand and Australia.

We are not here to replace your GP or Paediatrician, or Well child provider, we are infant and child sleep experts and can help you look at your child holistically and teach you how to create healthy sleep habits for your entire family.

Would You Like to Become a Baby Sleep Consultant?

The training our consultants go through is extensive and thorough and the only certification taught by registered teachers as well as certified sleep consultants. We understand education in a way which no other provider does.

 Your assignments are designed to lead you through the learning process and help you develop thoughts and ideas around infant sleep well beyond what any other provider can offer.

 You receive one on one mentoring throughout your training and probation period working as a consult, this ensures the incredibly high standard of sleep consultants Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd is renowned for producing.

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Our Unique Holistic Approach to Sleep Consulting

Our Baby Sleep Consultant Certification is very unique because we focus not only on role of a Baby Sleep Consultant, but the breastfeeding/bottle feeding relationship, parent counselling and the importance of emotional well-being in sleep consulting practices.

 You receive professional development in breastfeeding, sales, nutrition and post natal depression and anxiety. We are the only organisation who works this closely with these experts and they continue to offer mentoring to you where needed with clients.

 Our consultants understand a diversity of parenting philosophies, including attachment parenting and main stream parenting. They  consider children’s temperaments as well as parent temperaments in the context of sleep and sleep training, we can help you achieve you sleep goals together as a family, and identify and discuss factors that may impact your child’s sleep habits.

 Our certification is very unique because it focuses on evidence based techniques, taking into account all research on sleep as it is published. We consider the Neurobiology of sleep as well as behaviour modification techniques.

How Our Training Program Works

We start with new-born sleep and science of how sleep works and why infants need it.

 We work with our Baby Sleep Consultants to teach them to understand the relationship between the science of sleep, the behaviour of sleep, and the emotional well-being component of sleep.

Baby Sleep Consultants do not believe in the one size fits all approach to sleep consulting or sleep training. We consider behaviour modification and sleep training to be one solution, but our unique holistic approach means that in some cases it is not even necessary once we have made changes to sleep hygiene, environment and timing.

 All Baby Sleep Consultants are taught to be experts on all behavioural methods of sleep training from no cry to cry it out, we have our own unique methods which we know from experience are very successful.

 Our personal philosophy on no cry sleep training makes us sort after in gentle parent circles, as we have effective yet nurturing techniques developed and taught only by the Baby Sleep Consultant training programme.

 We teach our consultants to address key issues such as health, sleep environment, timing, culture, family situation, dietary requirements, and sleep associations which could be contributing to sleep disruption before moving onto sleep training.

The term sleep training gets a bad rep in some circles and all of us at Baby Sleep Consultant feel strongly about ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of mother and baby/child are protected at all times. All consultants understand when a baby is neurologically ready to change their sleep habits and understand the importance of sleep on preventing post natal depression.

Graduates from the Baby Sleep Consultant Certification program are trained:

  • With a holistic and healthy approach to sleep using healthy sleep hygiene as a foundation for all sleep issues.
  • To be able to assist, demonstrate and explain new-born sleep to new parents in a way which meets their parenting style.
  • To understand the most widely recognized international child sleep training methods, approaches and practices.
  • In the science of sleep for infant and children.
  • In family situations and dynamics, children and adult temperaments, sleep environments, sleep associations, developmental milestones, circadian rhythm and its affect on nap timing, nutrition for sleep for infants and toddlers, safe sleep practises.
  • To offer an objective assessments in order to develop healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate for their clients’ needs, lifestyle, and values.
  • With an in-depth understanding of sleep challenges and solutions, including but not limited to acid reflux, obstructive sleep apnoea, eczema, low weight gain, foot casts and hip casts, feeding tubes, blindness and deafness, and multiples
  • With an understanding in normal lactation, work with registered lactation consultants and know where to get help if the signs are present that help is needed.
  • With an in-depth look at sleep solutions on the market and their safety
  • To know the signs of issues that involve medical attention, such as abuse, postpartum depression and anxiety (you will receive specific professional development on this), tongue ties and poor weight gain in order to provide the client the proper guidance and referral.

Some of the topics covered in our sleep consultancy certification:

Dream feeding

Cluster feeding


Bottle feeding

Mix feeding

Supplementary feeding

Feeding tubes


Weaning onto solids and the effects of solids on sleep

Nutrition and sleep

Toddler Nutrition and sleep

Parent Nutrition and sleep

Parent – baby relationships

Sibling relationships

Secure Attachment Theory

Separation anxiety

Developmental separation anxiety

Colic and its causes

Common medication for colic

Reflux and the medications involved

Reflux side effects and medication side effects

SIDS – research and prevention and best practise

Obstructive sleep apnoea

Causes of OSA

Solutions for OSA

Swaddling and swaddling solutions

Weaning from swaddling

White noise

Effective and non effective white noise – the baby shusher!

Overnight consults

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