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Sleep is vital to growth and development in infants and children as well as being hugely important to our own physical and mental health.

Working with families to find a solution to their sleep issues through empowering them with the relevant knowledge and tools is something I feel passionate about.  I pride myself on offering an approach that focuses on listening to you before forming an approach that you feel comfortable with and that meshes well with your parenting style and philosophy.

For most of us, the experience of being a first time parent is the ultimate example of being thrown in the deep end, and I was no different! Becoming a mum to my two precious girls has been an absolutely incredible (albeit eye opening!) experience, and my previous life, spent in the corporate environment, after moving to Perth nine years ago, quickly felt like light years away. Those early days where we experienced huge difficulties with feeding and trouble dealing with a colicky newborn sent me straight to the internet multiple times, trying to find that magic sleep solution! Years studying science at university had conditioned me to hunt down information around sleep that had strong foundations in peer reviewed, reputable research. Baby Sleep Consultant quickly stood out as an industry leader whose advice was backed up by well documented research from recognised baby and child sleep authorities.

I found learning about infant and child sleep habits fascinating and when the opportunity arose to be a part of the Baby Sleep Consultant team as a certified sleep consultant, I jumped at the chance. I feel truly privileged to work for a company that continues to focus on innovation and ongoing professional development.

My second child, who was vastly a different personality from my first, quickly made me realise there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to sleep! The importance of an individual, tailored approach to suit each particular child, and their family’s lifestyle is something I strongly advocate and this personal approach is something I consider to be central to the way I work. I focus on taking a holistic approach that first looks at your child’s age, their sleep requirements and developmental milestones to formulate expectations and goals around sleep. From there, I factor in your child’s nutrition, temperament and your family circumstances before delivering a specific sleep training solution for you and your child. I aim to make your life easier and save you having to comb through screes of information, trying to find something that works! There are so many variables that affect sleep, and the vast amount of literature and incredible variety of methods that focus on sleep are testament to this.

Great sleep is absolutely attainable and I look forward to working with you and your family to help you all feel happier, healthier and well rested!

“Absolutely amazing! The support has been incredible and being a first-time mum it’s so wonderful to have someone there to listen and give advice in probably the most important area of a babies life – sleep! I can not tell you what a difference it has made both for me, to have a structured routine, and for CJ who I feel is a much happier baby because he’s starting to see some really patterns forming in his life. Again I can not thank you enough. You’ve been my lifesaver!”
“It’s been amazing. To be honest when Abby suggested she was getting too much day sleep I didn’t believe her as I had read 4 sleep books and was doing what all 4 said. 2 1.5 hour sleeps for her age and the books had always worked, well until 7-8 months. Desperate I thought I need to try Abbys method It can’t make it worse, can it. Turns out she was right. She is back sleeping 12-13 hours at night with no wake ups, she is back to her happy self. I am not as stressed out and anxious mum all the time worrying when will she wake up. Ricky and I have time again for each other to talk and catch up as we are not trying to fight her to settle and resettle. For an hour each night. I am able to catch up and be on top of things because I am getting sleep and can have me time again when she naps. I am refreshed and a new women. For only being one week in and having 6 of the 7 nights lydia back sleeping between 11.5 -13 hours all of those night with out us needing her to resettle or give a bottle ect is amazing. The experiment as been well worth the time, effort, hard work, crying and money. I don’t think we can put a price on good sleep for everyone. THANK YOU ABBY!!!”
“A big thank you for all your help with Nate. He has his moments where he falls out of sleep patterns due to developmental leaps or teething but generally he is a good sleeper and we credit that to using your techniques! So big thanks to you.”
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