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Amy Jo

Baby Sleep Consultant, Adelaide
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Sleep really is just as important as food for growing babies. With this in mind, it’s my goal to help families realize and achieve their sleep needs. I will work with your family to implement healthy sleepep habits, while doing so I’ll be your biggest support and cheer leader.

My passion for baby sleep comes from experiencing severe sleep deprivation with my now 4 year old. At 9 months of age, he would wake every hour overnight and only nap in my arms, I was exhausted! I enlisted the help of a sleep consultant and couldn’t believe how quickly everything improved, I was back to being a happy Mum within weeks and could enjoy my baby again. After having my second son three years later, I was due to return to my banking job, I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted to do more with my time if I was going to be away from my children. That’s when it clicked and I enrolled to study with Emma and Baby Sleep Consultant Australia. The study was amazing and helping families brings me such joy, i now couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I look forward to working with you.

I would highly recommend Amy! My daughter at 6 months was catnapping during the day, waking frequently at night, and needed to be fed or rocked to sleep every time. She was always overtired and grumpy. With my return to work looming I was incredibly anxious not knowing how my husband would be able to cope while I was at work.

Within only a couple of days she was self-settling in her cot, having decent 2 hour + sleeps during the day, and only waking once over night. Our daughter is so much happier now that she is rested.

Amy is highly knowledgeable and very approachable. She responded to all my questions (of which I had a lot!!) incredibly quickly. She provided us with a range of sleep training methods and helped us find the right one for our daughter taking her individual temperament into account.

Working with Amy has been the best decision we could have made for our family.

Just the help and support I needed with my second child. A few tweaks here and there was all that was needed to create a flexible routine that worked for our family and our circumstances. Amy was fantastic to work with and so understanding. Thank you!

“We were at breaking point with our 16 week old’s sleep as she had issues from the moment she was born. She absolutely fought sleep like it was the enemy. I thought that was just the child we were given and I had no chance of anything different until we found Amy. She came in for a daytime consult and our girl was a different child literally over night, I was blown away. Her advice was amazing and follow up support was awesome. I can’t recommend her enough if you are struggling with bubs sleep, you absolutely won’t regret getting her in!”
“We finished a 2 week call/email consult with Amy. We have gone from feeding our 1 year old boy every 3 hours to sleeping from 7pm – 7am, lets say he is now hungry for breakfast :) Amy was great, she provided simple techniques and support we needed to break the habit, having her made us accountable and now we are all sleeping much better. Thanks Amy!”
“I contacted BabySleepConsultant as a tired, desperate, worried, and baffled Mum…I’m now a much more confident, calm, reassured and well-rested Mum. My days have order and routine, I’m happy, baby is happy and everyone is getting sleep. THANKYOU. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough – professional, warm, understanding and expert. Amy not only helped find solutions to our sleep issues, but has also taught me skills and confidence, therefore setting us up for success in the future. Contacting BabySleepConsultant. was probably the smartest and most valuable move I’ve made as a Mum this far. Thanks Jo – amazing work!”
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