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My sleep journey started in the very early stages of my baby’s life. When I was pregnant, I thought that when babies get tired, they just go to sleep, I soon realised this is not the cases. Just after my baby grew out of her newborn phase, we started to notice how wakeful she was. She became hard to settle during nap and night-time.  She would not sleep unless she was held, and even then, it was a major battle to get her to sleep. I was struggling, I was sleep-deprived, and as a result, my mental health deteriorated, and my marriage was taking strain, so I gathered my courage and reached out for help.

Seeing the transformation in my own baby’s sleep and development, sparked my inspiration to become a Sleep Consultant. I want to help other parents who are struggling on their journey. It has become my mission to educate, support, and empower parents to enhance their little one’s sleep.

I take on a holistic approach to sleep and will evaluate all aspects of your baby’s daily routine that may have an impact on your little one’s sleep. I support my families using methods they are comfortable with, and become your cheerleader and sounding board, as I work tirelessly to ensure you and your family reach your goals successfully.

Was my sleep journey an easy one? Certainly not, but I have come to realize that ensuring your baby’s need to sleep is as important as feeding your baby so why not experience the life-changing effects of a peaceful sleeping baby?

Working with Anna-May was a dream. She really helped us to establish a great routine with our 13-month-old son. She was so helpful, full of info and supportive right the way through the process. My son’s sleep changed dramatically with some simple changes and the chance to find his independence in a really loving and supportive environment.

“We were at breaking point with our 16 week old’s sleep as she had issues from the moment she was born. She absolutely fought sleep like it was the enemy. I thought that was just the child we were given and I had no chance of anything different until we found Amy. She came in for a daytime consult and our girl was a different child literally over night, I was blown away. Her advice was amazing and follow up support was awesome. I can’t recommend her enough if you are struggling with bubs sleep, you absolutely won’t regret getting her in!”

Anna-May has been absolutely amazing with sleep training our 1-year old! She is very informative and is sure to answer all of your questions. Our daughter was struggling with consolidated sleep at night and naps during the day. With her help, we noticed an improvement just a few days into the program. We could not have achieved this type of sleep without Anna-May’s help. We will definitely be using her in the future when we have another child. Thank you Anna-May!


Anna-May is amazing! We have a 6-month old and up until a few weeks ago we were spending hours trying to get him to settle for his naps/bedtime, our days were all over the place and as a result, we were up constantly during the night too. I was slightly sceptical when we started if this would work but we have now just finished 2 weeks of sleep training with Anna-May and our baby settles to sleep within minutes with no need for a dummy or feed and has now learnt to resettle during the night too! Anna-May uses a gentle settling method and a schedule that works for all of us. She has been in touch during the whole process with useful tips and suggestions and has been a kind voice at the other end on those tougher days/nights!


I contacted Anna-May in desperation and she was amazing. She comforted me and together we worked through solutions so I could mentally get through each day. By around 3-4 months we were able to introduce more structure in Molly’s day with a day sleep plan and settling techniques to assist in getting her to sleep. She taught me so much, especially all the little things such as transitioning Molly from the swaddle to the arms out sleeping bag, and strategies for night wakes plus everything in between. She could answer any questions I asked her. She has saved me

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