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SLEEP IS A BIOLOGICAL NEED, If Your Exhausted, Overwhelmed, or Confused When It Comes to Your Childs Sleep…. YOU ARE NOT ALONE….

My name Is Ariana Richards, I’m a mum of 4 Boys, ages ranging from 25years down to my youngest who Is 3 years’ young.

By the time I had my 4th son, I felt prepared for motherhood, but nothing could have prepared me for the sleep deprivation that came with It and the confusion from obsessively researching sleep methods and highlighting sleep books, since that day I had a deep passion for sleep.

I realized this passion when I was challenged myself and enlisted some help, I am humble enough to point out my mistakes and whilst I overcame my son’s sleep Issues and learnt many lessons along the way I knew I wanted to help other families restore balance to their lives without the stress or lack of sleep.

I truly believe that every parent deserves the knowledge of healthy sleep habits for children and their diverse temperaments.

There are no ‘one size fits all’ approach to sleep and this is where I would come in and work with you to create a method that is uniquely designed for your baby, their needs and your parenting style. I am passionate about my work and I am determined to help as many families achieve sleep during these precious but often lonely time, I know how sleep deprivation can take its toll on your mental health and your relationship with you baby. I will listen with compassion, I am sincerely empathetic, I am intuitive and I will be a deeply devoted team mate that will support you, empower you and be your cheer leader the entire way.

I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Consultant Australia highly enough!! Ariana worked miracles with our family!! Before making the call our daughter Lettie was feeding to sleep and waking every 45 minutes in the night because she couldn’t self settle plus every sleep was a 40 minute cat nap. Additionally, my 4 year old son is autistic and has a meltdown every time my daughter cries and if he is woken by her cries during the night he can be awake for up to 3 hours. Thus feeding my daughter to sleep was the best solution up till now to keep our son calm. However, now that our daughter is 7 months hubby and I couldn’t maintain the sleepless nights and we had no idea how to incorporate a routine for Lettie into Leo’s already structured schedule.

That’s when Ariana came to the rescue and made a custom routine for Lettie that worked alongside Leo’s schedule which allowed her to have sufficient day sleeps and offered an approach to self settling that complimented our parenting style perfectly!! Ariana has been available to me anytime via email or text if I have questions or to share our wins and now Lettie is sleeping for 2.5 hours during the day without waking and only waking for one feed during the night – and its literally only been 7 days since our sleep plan was sent through from Ariana!! Give Baby Sleep Consultants a call you won’t regret it!!

I just wanted you to know how grateful Richard and I are for all your help!! You’ve changed our lives and Lettie’s too!!

Kind regards


Liz ( mother or 2) Sydney
Holy mother of Zeus!!! Who are you Ariana Richards and what did you do with my children!!!?!?

Ariana came and helped me with my boys. I called her because my seven month old would only sleep in the pram and even then spent half the night screaming and breastfeeding. I have a disability and simply could not put him to sleep in the cot.

My three year old had never slept in his own bed and spent most nights using me as a mattress, and even then spent half the night screaming…

Four nights on and Mr 3 went to sleep at 7pm in his own bed without even complaining about it (let alone thumping me like the preceding nights). Then he slept till 7:05am. The whole night. OMG, you are amazing!!!

Mr 7 months is in his cot for all sleeps, I put him down awake at 6:30pm and he rolls over and sleeps. He still woke 5 times last night, but each time cried for 1-3 minutes before putting himself back to sleep without me. And no breastfeeds. Woke at 6:50am hungry and super happy.

I bow to you Ariana. I may just build a shrine to you in my house.

Thank you.

Julia Shami (mother of 4 monsters). Leppington NSW
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