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My name is Kelly Martin, I am your Adelaide Baby Sleep Consultant.

The importance of sleep can never be underestimated, especially in the early years for babies and toddlers.  We place such emphasis on how much they eat, drink and sleep in this time that everything can become too overwhelming and self-doubt, along with sleep deprivation can set in.  It does not have to be this way and there are many strategies that we can put in place to help you be the best parent you can be and allow you the flexibility to live your lives the way you want to.

I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls aged 3.5 years and 1 years old, and your adelaide baby sleep consultant.  My first daughter, Isabelle has always loved sleep and it came very easily to her with just a little routine from an early age.  Then came my second, dubbed “Evil Evie”, who despite doing exactly the same patterns with, and being more relaxed and laid back with, was a catnapping queen and had very fragmented sleep at night!  I struggled with her lack of sleep and routine, all whilst juggling an energetic toddler and needed to get some consistency to help us all function and enjoy our days together………………something had to change.

This is where Baby Sleep Consultant came in and helped me turn everything around.  At the end of the process and with a little more sleep under my belt. I wanted to know more about the science of sleep, and the reasons behind why this approach was so effective.

I now help mothers in Adelaide who are struggling with their children’s sleep and help them turn it all around.

If you are questioning your babies routine, or ability to self settle, wondering when they will ever sleep through the night? I would love to help.

I take pride in my holistic gentle approach that I use with my attachment style parents, and love helping toddlers who are waking early, not staying in bed, or even still not sleeping through the night.

Don’t hesitate to call me for an obligation free chat about how your child is sleeping and any improvements I could help the two of you make.

This began my passion for helping others in my situation, to reach their ultimate goal of helping their babies and children become well-rested and happier, which of course in turn made for well-rested and happier parents. They say it takes a village to raise a child, which unfortunately these days we are lacking on so many levels with our busy modern day lives.  Let me help you build this village of support and put some strategies in place so that you do not feel alone in your time of need.  We can work together to create an individual plan that suits both you and your baby in temperament, lifestyle and take into account those ever-underpinning environmental factors that string it all together.

“Our 7 month old daughter was having very little sleep, she was unable to self settle and unable to link her sleep cycles. Over night I was helping her get back to sleep every 40 minutes or so and on a good night she would sleep 2 hours in a row. I was getting anywhere from 3 to 6 hours of broken sleep myself which was not sustainable! We booked Kelly for an over night consult as we wanted to see results and have the immediate support during the process. After identifying her sleep associations, Kelly tailored a plan to suit our needs. Our daughter now has positive sleep associations – after she has been put in her sleeping bag and given her comforter, she almost falls asleep as we are laying her in her cot! She puts herself to sleep, and is able to transition between sleep cycles, and is able to resettle herself if she wakes! I am also now averaging 8 to 9 hours of sleep! Life changing! Kelly has been an amazing influence in our lives, before, during and after the whole process, Kelly has been 100% supportive and encouraging. We can’t thank you enough Kelly!”
“Our 20 month old daughter had never slept through the night, waking anywhere from 5 to 8 times a night and was ready to start the day at 4.30am. Needless to say, we were one exhausted family. We then heard about Baby Sleep Consultants Australia, and Kelly came to our rescue! In just two weeks, our daughter is now sleeping through the night, self-settling and waking up for the day at a decent hour! Kelly was respectful of our parenting style and supported us throughout the whole process, with advice and encouragement. I feel like a new person and our daughter is thriving! Thank you Kelly, we are so grateful and recommend you to all our sleepless friends.
“With my Angelina not sleeping for 9 months waking every 1/2 hour then a long morning nap, I contacted Kelly (Baby Sleep Consultant Adelaide) in desperate help!! Kelly wrote me a new routine and answered all my questions. Within the first night she slept all night. She is doing so well. I can’t thank her enough. She is worth her weight in gold!”
“Our 7 month old daughter needed 45 minutes of rocking and pacing to go to sleep and then was waking every 30-60 minutes throughout the night wanting her dummy replaced or to be fed. My husband and I were at breaking point when we contacted Kelly (baby sleep consultant Adelaide). Within 2 days of starting sleep training, our daughter was putting herself to sleep in her cot and within a week she started sleeping through the night. We were amazed how quickly implementing a routine could turn our lives around. We are so grateful to Kelly for her help.”
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