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Hi! I’m Miriam your Melbourne based Baby Sleep Consultant & the very proud mum of two truly sensational boys – Ryan 11 and Jackson 4.

I have always had a love and passion for working with children and families. I studied Early Childhood at The University of Melbourne and have spent over 20 years teaching in both the Private school system and in community based Kindergartens. I went on to study and become your certified sleep consultant here in Melbourne.

None of this however, prepared me for having my own children! I wrongly assumed that having taught 100’s of children in my role as an early childhood teacher would mean that I’d have it nailed for sure! WRONG!

Two extremely traumatic deliveries, severe silent reflux with my first and colic with my second – both left me in a debilitating, sleep deprived and exhausted heap!

I knew that I needed help, and with each baby enlisted the help of a Melbourne baby sleep consultant who amazingly armed me with the knowledge and tools I needed to ensure my baby learnt how to sleep and allowed me to finally enjoy being a mum!

With my teaching background and my firsthand experience with sleep struggles – I began to develop a real fascination about sleep and became inspired and eager to learn more, this started me on my journey to becoming the Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant. I knew that I wanted to help other families and give them the gift of sleep too.

Studying to become the Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant has been an amazing journey and having the opportunity to help parents all over Melbourne with their children’s sleep is amazing.

Every baby and experience is different, but great sleep is achievable. I will take a holistic approach in order to find a solution to the sleep issues you are having. As your Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant I  able to tailor a plan that suits your child, your parenting style and your family’s needs and will do this in a supportive and non-judgemental way.

I look forward to working with you in order to achieve healthier sleep for your child and ultimately your whole family.

xx – Your friendly Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant – Miriam

“My daughter was an awful sleeper, both day and night since she was 4 months old. I really struggled getting her to sleep at all during the day and she woke multiple times overnight. Miriam helped us when she was 13 months old, and I felt comfortable and hopeful from our very first communication. Miriam was lovely and she really took the time to understand our issues before tailoring an approach and routine that fitted around our existing activities and that I was comfortable with. She always answered my questions quickly and thoroughly, was punctual and flexible with our catch ups and 100% supportive. She has completely changed my life! I have a sleeping baby now! I could not recommend Miriam highly enough.”
“Before I contacted Miriam I was having to either rock or feed my 9 month old daughter to sleep, including each time she woke overnight. She was also not taking long naps during the day. We were both exhausted and I knew I needed help. After a great chat on the phone with Miriam who was so down to earth and made me feel understood and hopeful we could turn things around, Miriam came to the house and evaluated everything from my baby’s room and sleep conditions to diet and settling methods. She put us on a great schedule which has worked so well for us and supported me the whole way through lots of positive feedback. Miriam reassured me and gave us all back our sleep. My little girl was sleeping through the night and settling herself when she woke more quickly than I ever thought. I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of Miriam. Thank you! “
“Miriam worked with me to help my 2.5 year old son learn to self settle for his naps and bedtime, tackle night wakings and also help me establish a daily routine that was age appropriate. Thanks to Miriam, my son is now able to settle himself to sleep and now consistently sleeps all night.

Miriam provided us with a really detailed Sleep Assessment which detailed what my son’s daily routine should look like, techniques to teach him to self settle and to tackle the overnight wakings. The report was unbelievably thorough and covered all aspects of my son’s daily life that have an affect on his sleep. It even went into detail about diet and nutrition and how this affects sleep. Miriam provided daily support, helped us stay on track and was so patient with us. Miriam is amazing and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Thanks so much Miriam. Your help has been greatly appreciated and it would be my pleasure to write a testimonial!

Miriam helped my daughter Holly and I get more precious sleep. Prior to Miriam stepping in, we were reliant on the dummy to get Holly to sleep. At all hours I’d be up and down, popping the dummy back in, only for it to fall out before I’d even collapsed back onto the mattress! We’d also been going through the dreaded 4 month regressions, and I was feeling particularly knackered. After one brilliant week of working with Miriam, I got more sleep than I’d ever had since becoming a mother. Holly even managed to – pop the champagne corks – sleep through the night! I’m grateful to Miriam for providing me with knowledge, a good schedule to work to, techniques to help settle and good advice to help me get Holly on to a routine that works well to our lifestyle. Thanks Miriam.”

Kelly Eng
“Your help and guidance gave me the confidence to settle my baby in his bassinet during the day. This was a huge thing for us.

Thank you Miriam for being a very helpful resource to get my 12 week old into a better structured sleep routine. The suggestions and assistance provided us with some really useful ideas and we greatly benefitted from your input. Thanks again, Vanessa and Audrey.”

Vanessa & Audrey
“Miriam’s help has been an absolute blessing for my sanity! I found myself in an exhausting pattern of feeding my little boy off to sleep throughout the night and struggling to get anything much longer than a catnap during the day. With her supportive guidance we’ve been able to turn that all around. Nathan is now settling easily for his day naps and is consistently sleeping for longer periods at night. I felt that Miriam took our needs and parenting style into consideration as we worked towards our sleep goals. I can happily recommend Miriam’s sleep help.”
Well if you’re reading this

(My dear ‘sister’), you’re shattered with exhaustion and feel alone…

You’re not alone!!

Miriam will get you and your little insomniac into bed and asleep BUT you have to listen to her.
Commit fully and be willing to change your ways.

I can’t praise her enough,

I can’t thank her enough,

Good luck and CALL HER NOW !!!!???

So happy with the improvements my baby has made in only one week! We no longer have to rock him to sleep and he can sleep for more than 40 minutes. Miriam was really understanding, knowledgeable and helped up choose and implement a settling technique which we were comfortable with.

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