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Before my amazing journey into motherhood I graduated with a Bachelor of Business and worked in the corporate Marketing world.

The key foundations of Marketing are, strategy, planning and implementation, which make’s me a person who thrives on tailoring approaches for the best possible outcome.

From having my own sleep struggle with our beautiful boy Baxter who is now 1, it made me realise that there is help out there and after I contacted the Baby Sleep Consultant team, I felt that not only did I have support but also a detailed customised plan that would work for our parenting style. After committing myself to teaching Baxter to sleep, I felt empowered as I was given the tools, knowledge and most importantly the self-belief that I could take control of our situation and enjoy my baby without the anxiety of stressful sleepless nights.

The decision to change my career completely was cemented by the fact I knew I wanted to help and inspire other parents to embrace sleep training and not to shy away from their own sleep battles. For me to be able to give back the gift of sleep with a tailored problem solving approach that fits individual and unique parenting styles is something that has driven me to become a sleep consultant.

I also wanted parents to realise that with the right support and guidance, sleeping through the night is not an unobtainable dream but a very achievable reality.

I love the idea of creating a personalised sleep plan that works in with a family’s lifestyle, I believe that by taking a innovative approach to all sleep associations from, nap requirements, diet, sleep environment, developmental milestones and daily activities I can work with you to develop a bespoke plan for a healthy, happy well balanced baby.

“Narisha has been the answer to all of our sleeping problems. My military husband deployed abroad six months ago, leaving me completely overwhelmed with a 4 year old with special needs, and an eleven month old who wouldn’t nap, nursed all night and refused to sleep for longer than an hour at a time.
Narisha stepped in and did a complete evaluation of my baby’s day. She listened to all of my concerns and provided an immediate plan of action that fit exactly with my parenting style, and supported me every step of the way.Within 5 nights, my baby slept twelve hours through the night, for the first time ever. I never imagined this would be possible. Working with Narisha has been life altering for our family, and I’ll be forever grateful for her guidance and support in helping my little guy become an independent sleeper!

Thank you, Narisha, from the bottom of my heart! You have been a true blessing!”

Alexia Taylor
“Contacting Narisha has been a life saver for our family. Luka my 11 month old has constantly woken through the night
since birth. I came to a point where we needed help for my own sanity and sleep deprivation was setting in.
I wanted to use a gentle sleep training method and Narisha really heard and understood this need of mine.
I felt I could really trust Narisha in what she suggested and to me it all made a great deal of sense. Implementing the new sleep schedule during the day automatically
helped Lukas sleep at night. I am confident to say that Luka had his first 9 hour sleep the other night, which is the first time in 9 months.
I would highly recommend Narisha to any families struggling with lack of sleep due to baby waking many time through the night.

Natasha Pilgrim ”

Natasha Pilgrim
“I have just had the pleasure of having Narisha work with me to help with my daughter Isla (1yr old) sleep. Isla was being fed or rocked to sleep sometimes for up to four hours at a time, and waking every hour or two throughout the night, sometimes wanting to be fed, sometimes just crying inconsolably. We were both totally exhausted, and I was struggling to find time to spend with my other two children in the evenings. Narisha came up with a detailed plan that allowed me to be there to support Isla as she went to sleep as I wanted to take a gentle approach, and worked with me to be able to fit in my older childrens activities as well. Narisha gave me lots of feedback and ideas to help tweak what I was doing and get it just right for us. She provided fantastic support throughout the entire process. Her advice has proved to be invaluable. I couldn’t believe it when Isla had two proper naps on the very first day, and slept through the night from day five! She even slept through the very night that four new teeth came through! Both Isla and I really enjoy the bedtime routine that Narisha suggested to us, it’s become a lovely time for us both to relax a little. The difference to my whole family is huge, I can now put Isla to bed, knowing she will happily sleep all night, and then I have time to spend with my two older children and my husband. I just wish I’d done this 6 months ago!”
Maree & Isla
“Zoe (2) had been going backwards in her sleep ever since we went camping for New Years. I didn’t mind to go in and just gently shh her a couple times a night but after around 6 weeks it was taking more and more to get her back to sleep and I was shattered and upset.Narisha helped me have the courage to stick to a plan that I knew would work but I needed someone to guide me through it and encourage me to stickat it.Over the week Zoe’s sleep has returned to a pretty solid 11-12 hours and I haven’t gone in for her in nearly a week as she is managing to settle herself in the night after a few minutes.It’s been a terrific help and I really feel like things are back on track!”
Monica & Zoe
“Since emailing Narisha, I recognised there were a few things we could change and improve on to help Keelan sleep through the night.Prior to emailing with Narisha, we had begun self soothing but hadn’t been fully sticking to it, which I think was confusing for Keelan. Following the advice and reading material we felt more confident in going through with self soothing and moving Keelan into his own room, we also were advised to have Keelan in a baby sleeping bag, which we did.Within two nights Keelans sleeping habits began to change and after four nights he slept a whole night without needing his mum or dad.Unfortunately we ended the sleeping log with a short trip away which disturbed Keelans good sleeping habits, but only took 1 unsettled night, then the following night Keelan was back to sleeping through the night.”
Rose & Keelan
“Prior to seeking help from Narisha our 5 month old son was in the habit of waking regularly throughout the night around 1am, 3am and 5am. I was tired and didn’t want his crying to wake our oldest son (2.5 year old) so to survive I would feed him back to sleep and often have him in my bed. With a plan from Narisha, my husband and I were able to commit to sleep training. Within days, Harry was only waking once in the night (excluding a dreamfeed) and sleeping through until 7am. He is now a lot easier to put to bed in the evenings. Having a plan assisted us immensely during the night when we were both too tired to think. Narisha supported us regularly throughout the week with positive feedback and was available to answer questions as they arose. Thanks to Narisha we feel we have our evenings back and are both getting a lot more sleep. Onwards and upwards from here.”
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