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Baby Sleep Consultant, Brisbane

My background is in Science, I love learning about how things work and the reason behind it.

Sleep is such an important aspect of life and I did not actually realise how important it was until I began studying it. My aim is to teach parents the science behind sleep and how to help them teach their babies to sleep better.

My passion for helping parents with their babies sleep came after I had my 3rd baby. At the same time I had a few friends who were struggling with their baby’s sleep. It was then that I decided to go along this career path to become a Child Sleep Consultant so that I would be able to help them as well as many others.

I am mum to 3 beautiful children, Eli 7, Aimee 4 and Charlotte 2 that keep me on my toes. From seeing friends have their babies I learnt that routine was important to teach babies how to sleep. I never did Cry It Out with my own kids so I know there are other methods that work. Seeing as I have had great success with my children and their sleep I decided I would love to help other parents get the much needed sleep they deserve.

What I love about Baby Sleep Consultant is that it takes a holistic approach, we look at what will work for your family that goes with your family values. We use many different approaches that suit your family and taking into account many different factors associated with sleep and how to improve it.

I looking forward to working with your family to help everyone improve their sleep.

“I found Shannon to be friendly, personable and understanding towards the challenges that I was facing.  Her insight was really helpfully especially helping to bring consistent structure to my sons routine.  I appreciated that the approach wasn’t to let the baby cry it out but to help them with the transitions through the sleep cycles and that you were there with them, especially with my son only being 11 weeks old.  I felt a lot more confident by the end of the weeks trial, both in myself as a mum recognizing my sons cues and also my husband began to see the benefits of the training and how the techniques worked when we were consistent with it.  When we started my son was mainly sleeping on me or we had to rock him to sleep before putting him down and I would be lucky to get one sleep cycle during the day.  By the end of the week my son was to sleep past the 40-45min cycle into the second, and we were able to put him in his cot awake and use the techniques to get him to sleep.  I know there will be challenges ahead but I hope that with the techniques that I’ve learnt through Baby Sleep Consultant with Shannon will help me be a more confident, relaxed and happy mum and therefore a more relaxed and happy baby & household.  Thank you so much for your assistance!   Naomi and Ryan (7 weeks) .”


I have contacted Shannon because of my son’s sleep issues. He was 14 months old and has never slept through the night. He also had 2-3 bottles of milk and was waking up between 3-10 times during the night. It was so very exhausting for my husband and me,  we decided to seek help.

Shannon did an assessment of my son’s daily schedule and suggested a new routine, which we were happy to take on board.

The result was amazing! On the second night, my son refused his bottles at night. On the third night he was waking up less and by the end of day 7, he was only waking once at night for a dummy.

My husband and I were amazed, considering the fact, we have never believed in a strict routine. We loved, how Shannon’s knowledge was spot on. It just worked for our son!

I found the experience a life saver, as my son sleeps though the night now, on most nights anyway.

I would recommend Shannon’s services to anyone, who struggles with their little ones sleeping habits.

Forever grateful,

First time Mummy with a 14 month old little boy (Maria and Mason)

“Shannon has provided simple but essential advice towards helping us get our baby to settle and sleep during the day. Her advice has been tailored to our situation and she has always suggested methods that we are comfortable with. She also provided loads of positive encouragement which really helped during some of the trying times! Before meeting Shannon our baby didn’t sleep in the day unless he was in my arms; now he usually has three naps in his cot each day and can self-settle. She’s made a huge difference!”

Alex and Ethan (11 weeks)

“As a second time parent, I felt like I was prepared to tackle sleep with a newborn. I’ve done it already, so I’ll be right. Wrong!! My two boys have ended up being chalk and cheese. None of my “tricks” were working for my son and we were both gradually getting very sleep deprived which was impacting my whole family. With a toddler to entertain aswell as a newborn, I was doing what I could to get through each day. It got to 4 months and I literally was so tired I couldn’t imagine it getting any better. This is when I started working with Shannon. She asked questions to find out about our routine (or lack of!) and our parenting style. She took into consideration that I had a toddler aswell to work around. With all the information, Shannon was able to suggest different styles of sleep training. She never told me which one to choose, it was all my choice. Shannon was really supportive with each email providing me encouragement and suggestions on each day and how to combat any issues that could arise.

Shannon was knowledgeable and provided fantastic guidance. She has even prepared me for how things may change over the next few months as my son grows. I feel so much more confident with the information that I know have regarding sleep and routine.

Thank you Shannon for helping me and my family. ”

Linda and Harrison (4 months)
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