Is your baby or toddler waking frequently through the night? Perhaps you are struggling with short naps or early morning wake ups?

Let our friendly Sydney based Baby Sleep Consultants help you and your family get the sleep you deserve. 

“As both mothers and sleep consultants, we understand how stressful it can be when you are sleep deprived and trying to solve why your child just won’t sleep longer than 45 minutes, or why they are waking so frequently at night.” ~Narisha Sydney Baby Sleep Consultant

“Explaining to parents the reasons why their children are not sleeping well helps them feel at ease that my plan will work. Once we know why your child is waking so frequently, or why they are cat napping we can begin to formulate a holistic sleep plan which you can immediately implement with our support.” ~Sydney Baby Sleep Consultant

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Get started with solving cat naps

  • Get your sleep environment is spot on. Dark, good white noise and not too hot!

  • Check your baby is awake for an age appropriate amount of time.

  • Over tired babies cat nap!

  • Under tired babies cat nap!

  • Can your baby self settle? If they can’t, its a hard ask to expect them to re-settle on their own.

  • Are you ready to teach your baby to self settle? Check out the hints below or register for a free chat.

  • If they are under 4 months, they might need a good swaddle.

  • Focus on one nap at a time, ideally the midday nap first!

“A MASSIVE thank you to Narisha who helped me out greatly with my 8 month old twins who used to sleep roughly 1/2hr during the day and didn’t go to bed until 9pm it was taking its toll on me my relationship and the babies.
But now after Narisha worked her magic ……
My boys sleep 3hrs during the day and go to sleep at 6.30pm the boys are much happier and so is mummy and daddy xxx
I highly recommend Narisha to anyone out there who is struggling like I was.” ~ Gaynor West

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10 most common reasons your child wakes at night

Let our Sydney staff chat to you about these reasons

1. Not enough solid food or protein

2. Too much store-bought food

3. Too much solid food

4. Not enough day sleep

5. Too much day sleep at the wrong time

6. Sleep associations

7. Inability to self-settle

8. Reverse cycling

9. Habitual wake ups

10. Cold or too hot

Some of the reasons our clients chose to get help

Everyone’s reason is theirs and theirs alone

“My marriage is on the rocks, we are yelling at each other at 3am, something has to change.”

“I need my husband back in our bed, we have grown very distant due to the toddler co-sleeping.”

“I know she isn’t hungry, but I can’t seem to stop these 2 feeds overnight despite her being 9 months now.”

“My Doctor has explained how my lack of sleep is contributing to my depression, and I want to do something about it.”

“We were dealing with reflux for the first 6 months, but now that is under control I know he can sleep through the night, I just don’t know how to teach him.”

“My toddler’s tantrums and behavior is out of control and I know it is because he is over tired.”

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