Adelaide Sleep Consultant Kelly answers your questions

In Adelaide working as a sleep consultant this is a question most clients ask….. along with are my girls perfect sleepers?

The truth is, I thrive on routine and consistency, something children do to surprisingly!  My first is a great sleeper and fell easily into these sleep habits and I genuinely didn’t know what other mums were talking about with sleepless nights and doing every trick under the sun to get their baby to sleep.  I knew I couldn’t be so lucky second time around and I was right!

My second was a CAT NAPPING QUEEN….

Adelaide sleep consultant kelly

A whole 20 minutes and BING she was awake again, this went on up to 8 times a day by 16 weeks of age.  I stopped even putting her in a bassinet at one stage for about 4 weeks as it was easier to just wear her in a stretchy wrap on my chest and continue getting as much done as possible around the house whilst entertaining a toddler, knowing full well she would be awake again any second.

At 6 months of age, I decided I had had enough and needed a more predictable routine where both my girls slept at roughly the same time each day and I didn’t feel like I was robbing one’s sleep for the other if I tried to get out the house.

Baby Sleep Consultant answered my prayers with the short-long nap routine, which meant we were out and about in the morning, to tire the toddler out and everyone could take a sleep in the middle of the day, making the afternoon hours much more pleasurable and easier to survive, especially as mum whose husband works afternoon shifts every second week leaving me to do the gauntlet run of dinner, bath and bed by myself.

As Adelaide’s Baby Sleep Consultant do my kids sleep great today?

Absolutely, but only because I put in the hard work to install a great routine where they thrive in their waking hours and enjoy their playtime and are well rested with a predictable nap routine and solid blocks of sleep overnight.  My youngest still wakes occasionally and that’s completely normal.  She is still little and it’s no adult nor baby ever sleeps through the night without waking, what wasn’t normal for me was waking 3-4 times and needing a feed to go back to sleep.

If you would like some help, to make big or small changes, it is completely possible without compromising your parenting style and with keeping your families lifestyle in mind.

Give me a call and we can discuss your goals and a way to work towards then.

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