West Adelaide Coffee and Sleep Talk

Come to my next coffee group chat  

Friday, 1 September 2017

10:00am (approximately 90 minutes in length)

To be held at Carnevale Coffee Roasters, 114-118 East Avenue, Clarence Park

adelaide sleep talk kelly

Tickets just $20.00

Text Kelly on 0424 191 149 or email kelly@babysleepconsultant.com.au to book your ticket today!

We’ll cover everything you need to know so you can walk away and put actionable steps into place immediately.

You will feel empowered and informed on the best way to tackle sleep challenges for your family.

We don’t compromise your parenting style to get results.

We’ll be covering gentle sleep training as well as cry based methods.

Nutrition for good sleep.

Sleep props and when to ditch the dummy and more!

You take home the age appropriate brochure you need, jam packed with all your sleep advice.

Plenty of time for Q&A too!

See you there!

x Kelly

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 “Kelly has made life so much easier for us! I live in country SA so I had phone consultations with Kelly. She was really easy to talk to and very thorough. Our 8 month old boy had previously been self-settling okay but prior to speaking with Kelly, for about six weeks, he had been so difficult to get to sleep and had been waking up so much during the night. Kelly really supported me with setting up his nap routine and giving me the strength to be able to do the spaced soothing method. Within a week Archie was doing really well and now two weeks into the routine I wish I had done it sooner. I am getting so much more sleep and the routine is so easy to follow. Kelly was very fast to respond to any questions I had along the way. I highly recommend her as a sleep consultant.” ~ Katrina

“We had Kelly come out and visit us for our 16 month old baby who had not been sleeping for the past four months due to a run of illnesses. I was beyond exhausted having been severely sleep deprived for 5 years due to sleep issues with other children. If only I had met Kelly years ago! Kelly was calm, confident and blended into our house well so my baby felt at ease while she helped guide me in settling her. I did not feel my style of parenting was compromised and I felt relieved and confident when Kelly left. My baby slept for 2.5 hours that day. Peacefully and happily. Since then we have been on an upward trend with sleep. My baby settles every day for a nap from 1.5-2.5 hours and is now only waking once a night and I feel confident if I keep following Kelly’s program we can sleep through the night. Our family is recovering and I am very grateful for Kelly’s ongoing support and help. I highly recommend Kelly and this program.” ~ April

“Kelly from Baby Sleep Consultant has changed my life, and all for the better! Only a few weeks ago, my 7 month old boy was needing to be resettled every hour at night, along with up to 4 feeds, he was catnapping for only 30mins throughout the day, snack feeding all the time, needing to be rocked and held and cried to sleep every single time. He had suffered from Silent Reflux and we had gotten into some bad habits just to get him to sleep. Thanks to putting a great plan in place, along with Kelly’s support via email and phonecalls I now have a champion sleeper who no longer snack feeds and can self settle! I’m still in disbelief some days, but it has seriously been the best decision we have made since he was born. I do believe it is something you have to be mentally ready for, to make that change, but at no stage did I ever feel unsupported. In fact I now feel so confident with his sleep as well as being a mum it makes every day for him and us much happier. Thank you Kelly” ~ Erin

“After reading lots of literature on different methods of sleep settling, I found myself frustrated that everything seemed to be contradicting and not relevant to my situation. I called Kelly to come for a home visit after meeting her at the Lollipop Markets. The pre-visit information she collected made me feel confident that her approach was not a, ‘one size fits all.’ After working with Kelly I feel confident and consistent in my sons sleep routine and cannot thank her enough for her help, support and advice, which was all individualized to our situation, beliefs and the outcomes we wanted. Could not speak more highly of her. Thank you Kelly!” ~ Megan

Kelly is amazing, you do not want to miss this Sleep Talk, and opportunity to meet Kelly and learn from her knowledge!