“Sleeping through the night is such an exciting developmental milestone” – Kelly Martin ~ Baby Sleep Consultant Adelaide

I was working with a Baby Sleep Consultant in Adelaide myself when I first was able to celebrate this success myself. I had been waiting for months and months, I was sleep deprived and desperately needed more sleep.

The complete sense of relief I felt when my daughter did sleep through the night is something I want for all parents to experience.

I know there is a lot of pressure on parents to teach their children to sleep through the night, but my philosophy is that if its not a problem for you, its not a problem for me.

I am happy to work with you to achieve more night sleep, and we can work towards sleeping through the night if it is developmentally appropriate for your baby. Or I am happy to help you just achieve goals of self settling and longer naps, every family has different priorities.

I’ll never forget the McColl family who I helped in Adelaide. They booked me to stay overnight with them and their son James who was 9 months old and still waking to feed 4-5 times a night. Mum was breastfeeding and really feeling like she was struggling to maintain her supply as she was so tired.

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