Baby Sleep Regressions

We quickly learn that the sleep ride is more a roller coaster than a smooth country lane. The ups and downs of sleep regressions can feel like a shock to the system if you aren’t expecting it!

I have tried to outline for you the main sleep regressions and the ages which most babies go through them. The 4 month sleep regression is probably the most famous, and can be the beginning of the end for some babies who never seem to recover their sleep without professional help after that.

Other babies hit each regression like a speed bump, and are back to sleeping soundly after a week of trouble.

Then there is always the baby who never experiences a single regression! The dream child…. just wait until that one is a teenager….

4 months : 45 minute sleep cycles emerge and night sleep cycles go from previously being 4-6 hours, to just 2-4 hours. Your baby will probably start waking every 2 hours if they get over tired from their 45 minute naps. Work on self settling and consolidated naps.

✔️8/9 months : Often associated with a big developmental leap. Your baby is learning to crawl, and has started food before milk. These things can interfere with sleep. Separation anxiety can begin at this age too.

✔️12 months : Happy Birthday ? welcome to your biggest regression! Your baby might start to fight their second nap, or flat out refuse to nap! This over tiredness and big developmental leap which is combined with learning to walk, can turn your sleep upside down for a couple of weeks.

✔️18 months :Dropping to one nap can be tricky for some babies. They also have a lot invested in their play, and suffer from separation anxiety. Consistency and an early bed time is your friend.

✔️24 months : 2 years old! Your toddler might start to be scared of the dark and need a night light. They can start to insist you stay with them while they sleep. They generally don’t have the impulse control needed to successfully transfer to a big bed. Wait a little longer.

If you want a complete map of your babies sleep patterns for the first 12 months down load our free Baby Sleep Map right here.

Written by Amy Hayes

Baby Sleep Consultant – Adelaide

0424 191 149