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I LOVE SLEEP and chances are you do too and that is why you are here. Well, you have come to the right place.

Hello, my name is Brooke Mandics, and I am a certified baby sleep consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. It would be my pleasure to help support and work in partnership with you and your family to give you the tools you need to achieve better sleep in your home.

For as long as I can remember I have had an inbuilt need to help when I hear a baby cry, or see a mother carrying a screaming baby with her tantruming toddler in toe. My mother tells me that I never played with anything other than dolls and said I even found a way to ‘feed’ one of my younger brother’s toy cars! I guess you could say that caring for babies and young children in one way or another was inevitable for my future.

My career in childcare has spanned over 26 years, starting at the ripe old age of 15 when I joined a local babysitting agency. Since then, I have completed studies in breastfeeding, bottle feeding, multiples, child and infant sleep, mothercraft nursing, early years national framework, behaviour guidance, science-based baby sleep consulting, and last but not least, I hold a Diploma in community service – childcare.

My career has taken me across the world to the UK at age 20, where I had 3 nanny positions spread over 8 years. These nanny positions included working with a family which were well known having a celebrity status, and another family having a parent that worked quite high up in U. K’s political field. All 3 families had 3-4 children, and each had a set of twins! My fascination of multiples might be down to me being an identical twin myself!

Last year I decided I wanted to dive deeper into sleep regarding babies and young children, and after doing my research, decided to complete my training with Baby sleep consultants. Baby sleep consultants offered, in my opinion, the best training program for me and the direction I wanted to go in helping families.

I wanted scientific answers for the why’s, when’s, what’s and how’s, to gain all the knowledge I possibly could to then pass on to all the sleep deprived families out there. Learning about different techniques and methods was important to me as I share baby sleep consultant’s philosophy in that one size does not fit all! This is exactly why I joined the team here at Baby Sleep Consultant because of the knowledge, passion, beliefs, and philosophy we share.

“I don’t think anything I write will properly convey how deeply grateful we are for Brooke’s support and expertise with Louis and his sleep.
Right before we started working with Brooke, we were at our wits end and I was on the brink of totally losing it. We had given up all our ‘sleep plans’ with Louis and were just scraping by, we had lost all confidence in what we needed to do. It was so difficult that my Dad had started staying over to share some overnights as we were barely coping. Louis was rarely sleeping longer than 45mins – 1hour and was almost impossible to settle. It makes me feel slightly nauseated even thinking about it all!

Since then, we could count on two hands the number of times we have had to go to him overnight. And that is usually because he is sick. Louis is now a champion sleeper, and Brooke is to thank for that.

Brooke was so gentle and flexible in her approach with us and Louis and came at it with a holistic approach that included getting us into the right space to help our little man. We went from crazy sleep deprivation, to smiles and laughs. Brooke recognised that the ‘typical’ sleep training approaches were perhaps not going to be as effective on Louis and adjusted so that we were all comfortable. The first night after Brooke came to stay to help us he slept 10 hours, and it has been consistently 10-12 hours per night since.

We thank our lucky stars for Brooke, from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget her support.


Amanda, Bren, Griff and Louis

“Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of Brooke’s help and expertise with all 3 of my children. Starting with the sleep settling of my first born, Marni, (who was 8 months old at the time of our first contact), and through my next 2 pregnancies and infancy years of my 2 boys, Teddy, now 3, and Fergus, 1.

Marni started her life being quite a good sleeper, but 6 months in, she became more difficult to get to sleep, leaving me and my husband exhausted. We then found ourselves doing anything we could to get Marni to sleep from rocking, patting, feeding, and even taking her into our bed to get even an hour shut eye!

I found myself struggling to get even the smallest of tasks done, broken sleep was my life, and I was at a point where I was so sleep deprived and out of idea and was thinking, ‘when will this get easier?’. I then got Brooke’s number from a friend and ‘bit the bullet’ and called her for help. Within a 2-week period, Brooke came over and met Marni, hubby and myself in our home environment. She was very calming and engaging, seeming to have all the answers, making what we had to do moving forward sound hard, but simple at the same time. Time would tell….

Brooke came up with a detailed plan that allowed me to be there to support Marni as she went to sleep as I wanted to take a gentle approach and worked with me to construct and manage my day-to-day routine to attack issues head on. She even made sure there was ‘self-care’ tasks in between to help ‘find myself’ again. Brooke gave me lots of feedback throughout our time working together, tweaking the plan as we went to make it work for our family. Brooke provided fantastic support that remained ongoing throughout the whole process. Her advice has proved to be invaluable. I was sceptical at first, but I put my trust in Brooke and I could not believe it when Marni had two lengthy naps on the second day of starting sleep training and slept through the night on day 4!
Both Marni and I really enjoyed our bedtime routine and have done so since the day we began our sleep settling journey with Brooke. All I had learnt from Brooke’s help with Marni, definitely helped through having my second and third child; allowing nap and bedtimes to be calm and gentle part of my families day to day lives.

I cannot recommend Brooke enough. What she did for my family was life changing. What I had learnt from her in that short period of time, I’m positive, contributed to such a positive future with my young family. ”


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