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Feeding and sleep support to soothe a wee lady’s screams

Hearing your baby cry is heartbreaking, but what about when they scream relentlessly every time they are put down? This was the unfortunate case for 3 month old Olive, and her Mum was struggling. Olive was catnapping frequently throughout the day – often for only 20 minutes at a time – and managing only short [...]

How Allergies can affect your child’s sleep

Allergies, Intolerances and Baby Sleep Allergies, In-tolerances and Baby Sleep - how they tie together. Baby Addison was 3-6 weeks old, she plateauing in her weigh gains, by 6 weeks she was losing weight despite mum having a great milk supply, breastfeeding on demand and Addison having a tongue tie clipped nice and [...]

Solids and your Baby’s Sleep

Solids and your Baby's Sleep Starting solids for the first time is such an exciting time! But it can totally ruin your perfect sleep! All those gorgeous pictures of your baby covered in purred carrots, getting to experiment with different combinations of vegetables, who knew deciding between sweet potato and pumpkin, or courgette [...]