Tired signs, vs over tired signs

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Little gems in the cyber parenting community

A shiny gem amongst a sometimes hostile on-line parenting world!
We all know that parenting is a minefield of opinions and facts and judgement, and people love to share their opinions good or bad on everything! But finally their is a website that seems to sit quite nicely and offer lots of information and hints and tips without being judgemental. […]

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To dummy or not to dummy

To Dummy or not to Dummy?

I love the dummy… may be surprised to hear a Baby Sleep Consultant say that, but I do, I love it.  I have 3 children 2 that love(d) the dummy and 1 that loves her thumb (she is now 4).  I know which one I personally prefer.

However, as a Baby […]

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New-born sleep expectations

Expectations of Newborn Sleep

Recently I have worked with a number of parents of newborns who had very high expectations of their baby’s sleep. As a Sleep Consultant, I am trained to apply the science babies’ sleep and teach parents how to settle their newborns, but newborns are unique to work with, and here is why:

* […]

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