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Are you ready to Night Wean?

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How do I night wean my 12 month old formula fed baby?

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Baby Sleep Consultant Adelaide chats about Sleeping Through the Night

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How I finally taught my son to sleep through the night

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How my baby sleeping through the night saved my marriage

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Why its OK that your baby doesn’t sleep through the night.

What is sleeping through the night? Why is ok if your baby doesn’t?

For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on when a baby is ready to drop all night feeds and sleep 12 hours overnight, but sleeping through the night has a wide range of accepted definitions. Some refer to this as a […]

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Omega 3 (DHA) and healthy sleep

When considering your toddler’s sleep habits, there is always a big picture to look at. If we just sleep train your toddler and don’t question their daily activities and their diet and routines then we wouldn’t be doing our job very well.

One of the food groups we always ask about is omega 3 as this […]

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Scarlett – 3 years 9 months twins

When I spoke to Scarlett’s mum on a free 15-minute chat, she was at her wits end. She had not slept a full night since her twins were born nearly 4 years ago. One of her twins was a great sleeper, whilst Scarlett was not. They had been on a long journey to try and […]

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Using a Sleepytot to solve Abby’s night wake ups

Abby was 12 months old when he mum contacted us with this email.
“Please help! My daughter Abby is our third baby, my other two never used dummies. But being the third I just needed her to sleep! It was great when she was a new-born I could pop it in when I was out doing […]

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Developmental leaps

I recently had the pleasure of working with baby Eve, she was 8 months old and had recently learnt to crawl!

Super clever!

Eve had slept through the night since she was 4 months old, having a quick feed at 11pm and then waking at 7am ready to start the day.

But at 8 months she was waking […]

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