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The mindset shift that’s key to successful sleep training

A parent’s responsibility: The mindset shift that’s key to successful sleep training “I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING AND I CAN’T GET HIM TO GO TO SLEEP….” “I COULDN’T MAKE HIM SLEEP, NO MATTER WHAT I DID…NOTHING WORKS!” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard one of the above phrases… They’re variations on the [...]

Feeding and sleep support to soothe a wee lady’s screams

Hearing your baby cry is heartbreaking, but what about when they scream relentlessly every time they are put down? This was the unfortunate case for 3 month old Olive, and her Mum was struggling. Olive was catnapping frequently throughout the day – often for only 20 minutes at a time – and managing only short [...]

Are you ready to Night Wean?

Deciding to Night Wean at any age can be emotional for both mum and baby. That love/hate relationship with getting up at 3am to nurse or warm a bottle is something all mums can relate to. Dragging our exhausted bodies into the nursery, desperate for more sleep, but then that feeling off a warm [...]

Baby Sleep Consultant Adelaide chats about Sleeping Through the Night

"Sleeping through the night is such an exciting developmental milestone" - Kelly Martin ~ Baby Sleep Consultant Adelaide I was working with a Baby Sleep Consultant in Adelaide myself when I first was able to celebrate this success myself. I had been waiting for months and months, I was sleep deprived and desperately needed [...]

How my baby sleeping through the night saved my marriage

Teaching my baby to sleep through the night, saved my marriage after a stressful 12 months My little girl was 12 months old before I finally called the sleep consultants for some help. The real kicker for me was realizing that I was letting my lack of sleep affect my marriage. Thea was my first [...]

Why its OK that your baby doesn’t sleep through the night.

What is sleeping through the night? Why is ok if your baby doesn't? For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on when a baby is ready to drop all night feeds and sleep 12 hours overnight, but sleeping through the night has a wide range of accepted definitions. Some refer to [...]