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Adelaide – West – Coffee and Sleep Talk with Kelly

West Adelaide Coffee and Sleep Talk Come to my next coffee group chat   Friday, 1 September 2017 10:00am (approximately 90 minutes in length) To be held at Carnevale Coffee Roasters, 114-118 East Avenue, Clarence Park Tickets just $20.00 Text Kelly on 0424 191 149 or email to [...]

Adelaide Sleep Consultant ~ why I became a sleep consultant

Adelaide Sleep Consultant Kelly answers your questions In Adelaide working as a sleep consultant this is a question most clients ask..... along with are my girls perfect sleepers? The truth is, I thrive on routine and consistency, something children do to surprisingly!  My first is a great sleeper and fell easily into these sleep [...]

The 7 reasons you’re struggling with sleep training

There are 7 reasons according to researchers, why you as parents are struggling with cry based sleep training.  If you are tired and thinking about sleep training, these are definitely 7 things to consider. 1. Enduring crying Difficulty with their child crying is the biggest reason (according to researchers) why we as [...]

Avoiding Christmas Buyers Remorse

Avoiding a plastic fantastic Christmas this year Every Christmas we spoil our kids, and Santa shows up and spoils them too! I love watching my kids open gifts and light up. Christmas morning is definitely a special time. But then I get buyer’s remorse on boxing day, when the toys are half broken, or [...]