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How Allergies can affect your child’s sleep

Allergies, Intolerances and Baby Sleep Allergies, In-tolerances and Baby Sleep - how they tie together. Baby Addison was 3-6 weeks old, she plateauing in her weigh gains, by 6 weeks she was losing weight despite mum having a great milk supply, breastfeeding on demand and Addison having a tongue tie clipped nice and [...]

Why its OK that your baby doesn’t sleep through the night.

What is sleeping through the night? Why is ok if your baby doesn't? For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on when a baby is ready to drop all night feeds and sleep 12 hours overnight, but sleeping through the night has a wide range of accepted definitions. Some refer to [...]

10 things a sleep deprived parent doesn’t need to hear

10 things a sleep deprived parent doesn’t need to hear 1. That someone else’s baby has been sleeping through the night from so many weeks old (in a gloating kind of way): Whether your baby falls in to healthy sleep habits on their own or needs more help comes down [...]

Does your babies temperament suit sleep training?

There are 9 dimensions to your babies temperament, and taking these into account when considering sleep training will ensure your sleep training experience is successful and stress free!  Not everyone's baby will be well suited to gentle in the room sleep training, if your baby is especially active, easily distracted and very social (approachable), persistent [...]