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12 month sleep regression…..why is it so big?

12 month sleep regression Sleep regressions, do they ever end?  Fortunately, yes around 2 years of age!  You have already beaten the 4-6 months sleep regression (cat napping at its finest), the 9 month sleep regression (hello, separation anxiety) and now you’ve made it to their first birthday (Hello 12 month sleep regression!) and [...]

How Allergies can affect your child’s sleep

Allergies, Intolerances and Baby Sleep Allergies, In-tolerances and Baby Sleep - how they tie together. Baby Addison was 3-6 weeks old, she plateauing in her weigh gains, by 6 weeks she was losing weight despite mum having a great milk supply, breastfeeding on demand and Addison having a tongue tie clipped nice and [...]

Gentle Sleep Training Report

5 key principals to successful gentle sleep training   Respect: You need to have respect for your baby’s physiological need for sleep, allowing your baby to get over tired constantly will make this process more difficult. There needs to be respect between the parents, and both parents need to be on board [...]