The mindset shift that’s key to successful sleep training

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Gradual withdrawal a gentle approach – kim west

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10 things a sleep deprived parent doesn’t need to hear

1. That someone else’s baby has been sleeping through the night from so many weeks old (in a gloating kind of way):
Whether your baby falls in to healthy sleep habits on their own or needs more help comes down to chance, and many parents will tell you (even parents of twins) that they have one […]

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Top tips for co-sleeping mums

Co-sleeping is often a controversial topic amongst parents, with co-sleeping parents believing their way is best, and cot sleeping parents believing their way is best. But actually the best way for your baby to sleep is what ever suits your family best, and these top tips for co-sleeping will help any co-sleeping family or new […]

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2.5 year old toddler will not self settle

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The colic baby and their sleep temperament

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3-6 months old, sleep tips

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To dummy or not to dummy

To Dummy or not to Dummy?

I love the dummy…..you may be surprised to hear a Baby Sleep Consultant say that, but I do, I love it.  I have 3 children 2 that love(d) the dummy and 1 that loves her thumb (she is now 4).  I know which one I personally prefer.

However, as a Baby […]

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A touch of magic

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Alannah – 8 month old case study


When Alannah’s mum contacted me, Alannah was waking hourly at night, she couldn’t go to sleep without being breastfed and she was getting increasingly difficult to put to sleep even by being fed. Mum couldn’t even remember the last time that she had spent the whole night in her cot. She didn’t even realise how […]

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