How to cope when you are pregnant over summer is a common question! You are hot, uncomfortable and probably not sleeping the best! 

How unfair is that, considering you are going to be severely sleep deprived in a few months anyway!

I’ve had one baby due on Christmas day, and another in April, so I have experienced the very pregnant stages over the summer months, and trust me, I get it! Its hard and so soo hot!

  1. Swim! A lot! Make sure you at least have a paddling pool to cool off in, if you don’t have ready access to a pool or beach. Nothing beats the hot swollen pregnant feeling quite like being weightless in a giant mass of cool water.
  2. Save your money and show off your bump in a cute bikini! This is the one time in your life you don’t have to suck it in! Push it out, and show it off!!! Don’t bother with a maternity swim suit, everyone loves the site of a giant baby bump!
  3. Give up wearing shoes! Your feet swell in summer anyway, add pregnancy to that and you might as well retire your shoes until the baby is at least 2 months old. Get some flip flops and enjoy.
  4. Trying to sleep at night with a baby bump attached is hard enough on your hips/back/legs. Throw in summer temperatures and the fact that your baby is a little heater, and you have a recipe for no sleep! Invest in portable air con, or a fan! Make sure you have natural fibers to sleep in, your sheets are cotton, and take afternoon naps if you aren’t sleeping well at night.
  5. Make some home made healthy ice blocks and help your body cool down on hot days from the inside out!
  6. If you are due over the Christmas/New Year period try to find out who in your community is not going on holiday! Know which lactation consultants are still working, what are you entitled to in terms of midwife and Dr vists. There is nothing worse than needing a baby specialist such as a sleep consultant and finding out they are all on leave until the middle of January!
  7. Swelling! Not only will you have to give up shoes, you might find your rings don’t fit. Take them off if you are beginning to swell, and try to rest with your feet up as much as possible!
  8. Find a non alcoholic party drink that you love! There are so many fun  drinks you can be trying over the summer months that don’t contain alcohol. Fruity infused soda waters, and mocktails. You can still enjoy the festive season even though you’re pregnant!

If you are due soon with your newborn, grab this free info graphic which I have created to explain the first 12 months of sleep and development.

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“Thanks so much for your help we wouldnt of had the courage to do it ourselves! We have got Harper in a nice routine and things are going really well and he is a happy smiley boy now It made us really upset that he was so tired and just not the happy boy we once had and that we had waited so long to seek help. Harper is still a little man with Attitude but alot happier now!! Thanks again.” – Kelly