Feed and rocked to sleep for 8.5 months.

Even co-sleeping wasn’t getting this family the sleep they needed. Nervous about cry it out, but experiencing hourly wake ups overnight, and cat naps throughout the day, this family new something had to change.

There is a big misconception that sleep training is all about causing distress and abandoning your child all night.

Once we have fully evaluated why your child is waking so frequently, and why their naps are still so short, our plan can be designed to take into account every change needed to holistically work on your child’s sleep.

Causes of 1 hourly wake ups overnight.

  • Short day naps.
  • Hormones due to over tiredness, cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Inability to self settle after a wake up.
  • Habitual wake ups contributing to over tiredness.
  • Cold if no sleeping bag provided.
  • Pain if baby has reflux.
  • Being put down in cot asleep rather than sleepy, or awake.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelly for her advice and guidance in helping us with our 8.5 month old.

For months I had fought with the idea of ‘sleep training’ as we were very iffy about letting our son ‘cry it out’ or causing unnecessary distress on our baby. But when enough is enough we had to do something or at least get some advice on what we could do to help our son sleep as well as get some rest ourselves.

Our son is exclusively breast fed and had been rocked/patted to sleep from day one.

He was not napping well during the day (45 mins tops), over tried by 5pm, and waking every hour through the night for 3 months. (4 & 6 month regression is REAL!)

We thought we had tried everything, even Co-sleeping didn’t work! I contacted Kelly when our son was 7.5 months. We booked in a 2 hour in home consultation where she would also help us settle our son for a nap. We thought it wasn’t ever going to happen, but we got our son to fall asleep in his OWN cot in 40 mins.

Yay, no more little feet kicking me in my back!!!!

More importantly Kelly showed us a gentle sleep training technique which we were very happy about. That night we tried it ourselves and to our surprise we got our little one to sleep in 15 minutes.

As the days progressed it took less time to settle our little one. NOW, he will happily go to sleep on his own, in his own cot with very little to no assistance required.

No more tears!Winning!

He is now a great napper, where he naps for 2 solid hours at midday (sometimes we have to go wake him up!). Our boy still wakes for a breastfeed in the night (common for exc BF babies), but we have surely come a very long long way, so we are very HAPPY with the progress thus far!

The new routine is very easy to follow and has settled into our household perfectly.

Kelly has been a delight to work with.

So understanding and accommodating to your needs.

THANK YOU so much Kelly! Please give Kelly a call, you won’t be disappointed!” ~Yen To – Adelaide

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