How I taught my son to sleep through the night when he was 15 months old.

My son Jaime was a great sleeper until we traveled oversea’s when he was 6 months old. He got out of sorts, and in hindsight over tired due to all the busy days, and short naps while we traveled around. 

We returned when he was 7 months old and I was so exhausted from our trip and Jaime’s frequent night wake ups, that we started bed sharing. I would have been ok, if this has resulted in more sleep for the two of us.

But it didn’t!

Jaime was so restless, he tossed and turned all night. He was demanding I feed him at least 6 times a night, and kicking me relentlessly, some nights I felt like I barely slept. I was having to nurse Jamie to sleep at bed time, so I was barely seeing my husband, I often stayed in bed from 7pm rather than sneaking out to have adult time.

My husband was coming home from an exhausting day at work, he only walked in the door at 6pm, and was having to pick up all the things I couldn’t do after 7pm. Most nights he gave up sleeping in our bed and took to the spare room by midnight. Giving me and Jaime more room, but this didn’t really help me get anymore sleep.

I thought dropping his naps to 2 naps would help him sleep better at night…..It didn’t.

Then at 15 months I thought dropping him to 1 nap would help him sleep better at night…..It didn’t!

I finally realised I needed help and this had gone on too long. I called the Baby Sleep Consultant team, and to be honest was pretty teary from the minute they answered the phone. I was so relieved just to talk to someone honestly about what was happening, and to know that finally someone would be able to help me.

Narisha helped me understand the process I needed to go through to get Jaime back in his cot, and sleeping through the night. The first step was me sleeping in his room on a mattress while he stayed in his cot. From here we gentle taught him to sleep independently and rely on me to get to sleep less and less.

I thought I would have to stop breastfeeding him, and this worried me as he wouldn’t take a bottle. But Narisha helped me work on his diet in the day, so that I could just offer him feeds in the morning, afternoon and evening. I didn’t need to feed him at all night.

It took me longer than Jaime to get used to having more sleep!

I was so restless at night, and had a severe case of insomnia for a few weeks! My body even needed to adjust to going to bed later! No more 7pm bed times for me!

I would like to say I wish I had called earlier, and sure I would have loved to get more sleep a lot earlier on in the picture. But I honestly think I wasn’t ready until I did make that call. Friends and family had tried to give me advice prior , but I just wasn’t ready to do anything with that advice, and I wasn’t really be honest with anyone about just how exhausted I was, or about how little sleep I was getting, or about how much me and hubby were struggling with our relationship so much sine we hardly saw each other.

I never realized until I was a mum how much I love sleep!

Narisha is a mother of 2, and Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant.

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