This is the reason why I love what I do!

When I got this it honestly made me cry.

To think that I can facilitate confidence and more importantly enjoyment of motherhood again it seriously makes me want to shout from the rooftops!!!
“I first met Abby when she visited my local Mothers Group, where she gave us all some tips to help our babies sleep through the night.
After evaluating our situation at the time, she suggested dropping the third nap cold turkey at 7 months old, and THAT NIGHT my baby slept 12 hours straight at night and did so up until he was 10 months old. I’m not joking!
Then the 10 month sleep regression hit, and along with some bouts of illness and teething, our previously fantastic sleeper started waking every two hours at night and would start the day around 5.00am very cranky and tired (he was previously sleeping to 6.30/7am so I knew this was not normal).
He started having shorter naps, making it so much harder to get him to bed time and was not the happy and cheery little boy he usually was!
The situation was made even more stressful by the fact that I had to go back to work in a few weeks, so the thought of having a terrible night’s sleep, waking up ridiculously early and leaving a very overtired and cranky baby in the care of others was almost too much to bear.

I was crippled with anxiety and had no idea what to do.

I can’t put into words how appreciative I am for Abby’s support and guidance these past few weeks.
From our first phone conversation, she helped me wipe away the tears, lifted me up and filled me with confidence that we could do this!
First we sorted the room environment (which started lengthening his naps almost immediately) and then focused on keeping him within his age-appropriate awake windows during the day.
Once he had better naps and using some of Abby’s techniques, the night wakings stopped within a day or two. In the two weeks since our first conversation, he has only woken once in the night very briefly, and hasn’t done it since!
Early morning wakeups were our next challenge, but after consistently putting in place Abby’s suggestions and techniques, if he ever wakes early, he will usually (90% of the time) go back to sleep past 6am!
And if he doesn’t go back to sleep, there are other things we can do to avoid him getting overtired – which has saved my sanity!
I also feel equipped with the skills so that if ever history repeats itself and another regression hits, that with persistence and consistency, we will get through it!

The biggest difference is the feeling I have as a mum.

I’ve gone from having my confidence shattered and bracing for the worst every morning, having panic attacks before naps and bedtime, to waking up happy and enjoying every moment with my son.
She even went out of her way to send me a message of encouragement on my first day back at work!
Abby is such a vibrant, warm and friendly person with so much passion for what she does.
My family is so much happier thanks to her help and I can’t recommend her more highly! “

Abby is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

You can call Abby on 0420 766 175

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