Rocking my stroller through the night | Now brilliant night sleep

“I spent the first 8 months of Lucy’s life rocking her stroller every 30 minutes throughout the day, and way too frequently at night…..

I actually thought I was developing post natal depression. I dreaded waking up in the morning and starting every day again, walking and rocking the stroller just to force some naps to happen and to stop the crying.

Lucy was thriving and healthy, everyone told me how lucky I was. But the crying and lack of sleep was really taking its toll on me.”

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“I spoke to the Baby Sleep Consultant team after registering for a free chat. I didn’t really hold up any hope I felt like I was a lost cause, and no one could help me. But Abby reassured me that Lucy simply had a rock to sleep association, and that I needed to create a new association for her.

We booked a phone consult and Abby called me the next day.

She was so calm and reassuring. We spoke about Lucy’s sleep dept and my frustrations with trying to settle her to sleep. I explained to Abby I was sleeping Lucy in her stroller even at night, as I had no way of settling her if it wasn’t to rock her to sleep. Lucy had never spent a full night in her cot.

We put a plan into place to teach Lucy to sleep in her cot, and support her as she developed new associations away from her stroller and the rocking.

Her nights got better and better. In just a matter of days she sleeping through the night and in her cot all night!

I couldn’t believe it…..

I had put off asking for help for so long. I think partially due to the depression I was feeling.

Once I asked for help with Lucy’s sleep, I actually started to feel better, but I also felt more confident in asking my Dr for help with my depression.

I never thought fixing Lucy’s sleep would have such a positive impact on my life, not only in the fact that I was getting more sleep, and Lucy was getting more sleep, but I was so much happier in myself!

Who would have thought having a phone consult would be so life changing!” ~ Erin Rosser

The phone consult package is comprehensive, holistic and has proven results. 

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Check out the phone consult package