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Do you need help with your babies naps? Or an annoying early morning wake up? Wondering how to teach your baby to self settle?

This package is perfect to help you solve the more simple sleep issues your baby or toddler is experiencing. We review your intake form and come up with a unique sleep plan which considers all aspects of your child’s day/night.

Everything from sleep environment, temperament, food and sleep props is considered. We recommend a sleep training technique based on your description of your child’s temperament and your parenting style but leave the final decision up to you. Cry or no cry this decision is yours.

You could be 7 days away from a complete turn around in your child’s sleep problems. Most parents notice drastic changes in 2-3 days, we don’t expect you to sleep train for months and months.

This package comes with a weeks email follow up support as we look at your sleep logs and make suggestions and notes. This can be extended where needed.

Thanks so much for all your assistance and support so far with Grace. I have gone from Grace waking 1-2 times a night for a bottle for 21 months now, meaning I have never had a full nights sleep in this time! Working 4x 12 hour days a week, this was really beginning to take its toll. Thanks to you within 4 days she is now sleeping through and we have also weaned her off all bottles completely! It is such a selfless role that you do, providing endless support and doing crazy hours while having a family of your own. Thank you much.” ~ Jacqueline Rubesa

“Thanks so much for your advice and help!! For the last 5 nights Natalie has been going to bed more than an hour earlier!! So she has gained more than an hours sleep every night!!! Your advice and assistance has been invaluable!! Thanks soooooo much!!”Sal Zho

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