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This e-book address’s the unique nature of newborn sleep (0-8 week olds), it outlines how to get them to sleep without CIO, and how to establish healthy sleep habits.

It is packed with our tried and tested settling tricks and busts all the sleep myths you might have heard about your little ones sleep.

This is written by the team at Baby Sleep Consultant, it reveals our top secrets for good new-born sleep and how to handle colic, reflux, wind and the witching hour.

What makes this e-book truly amazing is that it comes with a certified sleep consultant! We will review your sleep logs and give you feed back on all your questions over a week long period. We understand you are tired and may struggle to implement change, let us decipher where you are going wrong and give you the gift of sleep!

If you would like to book this package just email admin@babysleepconsultant.com.au and we will send it out.

“I just needed someone to tell me what to do when it was all going wrong, and that it was ok to use the dummy on occasion. Sasha was like my new born sleep coach, the confidence she gave me helped through those early weeks.” Julie and Sam

“We felt very isolated not knowing anyone in rural western australia, being able to speak with Shannon and learn which swaddle to buy and how to settle our over tired little girl was a huge help.” Maureen and John

“I wish someone told me the tricks you taught me with my first!” Maia