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Are you looking for a solution to any of these common sleep problems?

  • Cat Naps

  • Short Naps

  • Frequent night wake ups

  • Early morning wake ups

  • Nap refusal

  • Rocking to sleep

  • Feeding to sleep

  • Baby won’t settle in their bed

  • Toddlers who won’t sleep

  • Sleep regressions

  • Dummies & sleep

If you answered YES, then these are the Sleep Programs for you….

Designed for busy mums who are ready for better sleep!

Don’t worry, if you are not keen on cry it out, and get overwhelmed thinking about your sleep situation, you’re not alone.

Our sleep programs are designed to give you gentle options around settling that suit your child’s sleep temperament and your parenting style.

Our online program’s were developed by our team of Certified Sleep Consultants with a 50,000 client base.

After working one on one with over 50,000 parents just like you, we consulted with pediatric nurses, IBCLC, reflux experts, early childhood teachers, psychology experts and mothers just like you!

Our online program will give you plans to teach you baby to sleep through the night, with both gentle and mainstream PROVEN strategies.

With our focus on science and evidence based advice, you’ll have INSTANT access to over 100 pages of guidance, structure, routines, strategies, plans, self settling solutions and troubleshooting on ALL things baby sleep.

For instant access to your guide and our FREE email help desk for all your questions, just choose your babies age, and check out.

Check your emails, get reading, and email us all your questions in a private and confidential manner.

How does it work?

  • Discover nap routines

  • Gently create better nap habits

  • Solve your nap problems

  • Improve your newborns night sleep

  • Witching hour solutions

  • Trigger your babies calming reflex

  • Settle your newborn with these gentle approaches

  • Trouble shooting reflux, colic, wind and excessive wake ups

  • Naps, nights and settling trouble shooting
  • Nap routines
  • Cat napping solution

  • Self settling for naps and re-settling

  • Gentle teach your baby to self settle

  • Discover your babies settling temperament

  • Teach your baby to sleep through the night

  • Drop night feeds

  • Trouble shooting solids, dummies, & sleep regressions
  • Starting solids guide
  • Movement regressions
  • Nap routines

  • Nap solution

  • Self settling for naps and re-settling

  • Easier, quicker settling with less tears

  • Move on from bed sharing

  • Night weaning strategies.

  • Early wakes solved.

  • Trouble shooting 9 and 12 and 18 month sleep regression.

  • Solve any night wake ups.

  • Understand your babies sleep needs.
  • Nap routines

  • Nap solution
  • Self settling for toddlers
  • Cot to big bed plans
  • Understand positive parenting for toddlers
  • Consequences, structure and boundaries for toddlers.

  • Move on from bed sharing.

  • Toddler trouble shooting for getting out of bed, standing, delaying bed time and early wakes.

  • Food and sleep
  • Dropping naps

Our Sleep Consultants are certified, experienced, and ready to help your family.

Babies don’t come with a manual, and when they don’t sleep us parents loose confidence, feel lost and exhausted.

Our consultants are all fully certified and are part of a 30+ team.

As mothers ourselves we understand how hard this motherhood journey can be, and we would love to help you to ensure yours is a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.



The cat napping master class is an online video lecture, plus workbook.

Choose one of 4 strategies and get started eliminating cat naps once and for all!

We look at routine, environment, bridging naps, and self settling + re-settling.

Suitable from 5 months +


Early morning wake ups mean you start your day on the back foot.

Everyone is over tired and grumpy.

Try this master class online video and workbook.

Choose the solution that suits your family and say good bye to early wake ups.

Suitable from 6 months to 3 years.


The gentle sleep project is a FOUR week, 6 online video and workbook package.

Come with me on a gentle sleep journey as we implement gentle sleep strategies, teach your baby to sleep through the night, and take better naps.

Suitable from 6 months to 2 years.


Formula feeding feels like a taboo subject when you’re a new mum.

Take this TWO part master class .

Learn about the macro and micro ingredients, from a biologist. Understand specialist formulas and learn how to chose the right formula for your baby.

plus the how to of everything formula related.

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