My Sleep Training Story – Amber 7 months old 

I had to undergo 3 rounds of IVF to have Amber, to say she was a wanted child was an understatement, and the stress her conception placed on me and my relationship with her father meant her arrival was a welcome relief.

We cruised through the first 3 months falling in love with Amber. She didn’t sleep much but I was lucky enough to have in laws who would take her for a walk so I could nap during the day. She only took short naps, but I believed she would start to take longer naps once she was a bit older.

4 months hit, and she didn’t start to sleep longer, she started to sleep less. Her 45 minute naps became sporadic and more like 30 minutes, her stroller became her life saver, walking her was the only way to get her to sleep now. The only problem was it was taking me over an hour of walking just to get her to take a 30 minute nap! I was walking for 3 hours a day, and getting less and less sleep at night.

Amber was waking 4-5 times a night and I was feeding her back to sleep. It was quick, but I couldn’t quickly fall back to sleep, so was getting less and less sleep as the nights went on.

By the time Amber was 7 months I was hitting a wall. I thought solids might have helped her sleep better, but it didn’t. She was still waking 4-5 times a night, but it was taking me longer and longer to get her back to sleep. I felt so guilty but I was resenting her so much, this beautiful baby I wanted so much was pushing me to the brink of exhaustion and I didn’t think I could take much more.

I called the Baby Sleep Consultant Team and immediately felt a sense of relief. I didn’t need to explain the guilt I was feeling, they understood. I was assigned my local Sydney consultant and we arranged a home consultation.

Narisha showed me how to implement a gentle sleep training approach which meant I didn’t have to use cry it out. This helped me as I still had this lingering feeling of guilt due to how hard we worked just to get Amber. But I knew something had to give in the sleep department or I wouldn’t be able to be a good wife or mum for much longer.

That first night Amber slept over 8 hours! First time in 7 months!!!

Narisha gave me a plan to work on Amber’s naps and to teach her to nap at home. No more walking the streets for 3 hours a day!

Amber still needs a breastfeed at night, and I am so glad Narisha agreed and didn’t suggest I drop all her feeds. I still really value that one on one time and want to continue with that experience for as long as possible.

Narisha was so supportive, never judging my wavering feelings when Amber was crying. Narisha supported me through the process and encouraged me to stay on track.

2 week on, and I feel like a new women! My little Amber is sleeping brilliantly, she takes 2 naps a day at home and only wakes for one feed a night. My only regret is that I didn’t call the Baby Sleep Consultant Team sooner! I thought all sleep consultants did was CIO, but Narisha looked into so many different aspects on Amber’s life and how they can all support her sleep.

It was such a positive experience! Thanks Narisha!

Michelle and Dan

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