Sleeping while away from home

Undoubtedly at some point this summer you will take your baby or toddler away from home, whether for the night, or for a few nights while you holiday somewhere.

Nothing ruins a family holiday faster than grumpy tired children and stressed out parents!

Take these tips and you will ensure your children settle quickly in a new environment and no one gets tired and grumpy this summer holiday!

  1. Recreate the at home sleep environment. If you have black out blinds at home, take a portable black out solution away with you. Whether it’s a snooze shade for your travel cot, or a portable gro blind for the window, there are lots of amazing options available these days.
  2. If you use white noise at home, make sure you take that away with you. If you have a night light for your toddler, make sure it has a battery pack and is portable in some way, or buy a small torch.
  3. Have a decent bed time routine at your new location. Even if you arrive late, or you are camping. The more similar you can have their evening routine the more familiar it will feel and they will likely settle easily.
  4. Be patient. If your baby or toddler doesn’t settle easily in the new location, putting in some time on the first few nights at bed time will probably ensure your nights run more smoothly and you get more holiday sleep in total. Try sitting by your anxious or upset baby or toddler, you might not have to physically settle them, but find that your calm presence and voice helps reassure them enough to fall to sleep faster than if you try to leave too soon and they get upset and become overly anxious.
  5. Praise your older toddlers in the morning for how well they did at bed time the night before, this will help boost their confidence to help shorten the routine the following night.
  6. Don’t panic if their sleep goes a bit hay wire, you can always throw in an afternoon catch up nap, and correct the evening routine when you get home!

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