Getting the sleep you and your family need and deserve!

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1. Know your own situation and personal goals.

Everyone’s family is different and therefore their sleep goals are understandable different. One mum in a corporate role might need her baby to sleep through the night so mum can function at work. Another mum with a baby the same age, might be happy with 1-2 feeds a night. Your situation is unique, and your child is unique. So try not to compare your situation with everyone else’s you know. If you don’t feel you and your child are getting enough sleep, lets chat about that, and see what it is important to your family.

2. Get your nutrition in check.

Time and time again, we see parents trying to work on their child’s night sleep or naps, but they haven’t taken into consideration nutrition. Whether its checking your baby is not intolerant to anything you are eating while breastfeeding, or ensuring your baby is on the right formula, or whether their solids are age appropriate and contain food groups which support sleep neurologically such as iron, and zinc, omega 3 and and tryptophan. Look at the big picture, get all your ducks in a row, then start sleep training.

3. Positive sleep associations.

These usually won’t be a miracle working for your child, but creating positive sleep associations from as early as 1 week old, can have a hugely positive impact on your child’s sleep. Consider things such as swaddles/wraps/sleeping bags, white noise, nap time rituals, and white noise. All of these things can help your child learn when it is sleep time, and give them a secure knowledge that they can expect sleep when these associations are present.

4. Timing – try to get it right.

Parents often need a lot of help with this one. They either have very over tired babies, or they have gone the other way and they are trying to get their babies to sleep when they are just not tired. I love ensuring that my clients sleep at times which best fit with their circadian rythym. This means understanding when your child’s sleep hormones and body temperatures are most suited for sleep, and times (ie 3-5pm) when they will fight sleep the most! If you want to check the times your child sleeps, come and chat with my on my VIP page here.

5. Hang in there!

Number 5 is more of a parenting tip than a sleep tip! But sleep is a stressful industry and sometimes children regress for no apparent reason, sometimes they chose to do this at the most difficult times in our lives. Often changing sleep habits takes a little while, and I understand that working on your child’s sleep when you are already exhausted can be a big ask. Hang in there! This won’t last, we can fix it, and be kind to yourself while you are sleep deprived! Sleep is a biological necessity not a luxury!


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