Alannah – 8 month old case study


When Alannah’s mum contacted me, Alannah was waking hourly at night, she couldn’t go to sleep without being breastfed and she was getting increasingly difficult to put to sleep even by being fed. Mum couldn’t even remember the last time that she had spent the whole night in her cot. She didn’t even realise how […]

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Cry vs No Cry Sleep Training

Every day we discuss this with our clients, the pro’s and con’s of cry vs no cry sleep training.

This is probably the most commonly asked question, after when will my baby sleep through the night! The answer is not a simple one, it is both personal as well as situational. You need to consider your […]

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Does controlled crying really work?

A great article was published this week about controlled crying and whether or not it works.

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If you think you need some help with your babies sleep, we use all kinds of sleep training, gentle hands on for new-borns, and cry or no cry for the older babies. You can check out our packages […]

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