“Hi Shannon Thanks so much for your help we wouldn’t of had the courage to do it ourselves! We have got Harriet in a nice routine and things are going really well and she is a happy smiley girl now. It made us sad that she was so tired and unhappy and that we had waited so long to seek help. Thanks again.” – Kelly

“Kelly, I can’t believe after one night James is still sleeping through the night! He has begun to consolidate his naps after just 1 week of working with you. Our house is all much happier and well rested since you left, I am so greatful to you and the team and Baby Sleep Consultant.” – Renee and Simon

“Working with Nish was the best thing I have done for my son in his entire 7 months, she has taught me about the importance of sleep and I feel so much more confident as a mother. I didn’t realize how much my lack of sleep was affecting my family. We are so much happier and I feel I am actually enjoying my son for the first time. I can’t tell you how grateful I am Nish. Thanks again.” – Nadine and John

“Narisha has been the answer to all of our sleeping problems. My military husband deployed abroad six months ago, leaving me completely overwhelmed with a 4 year old with special needs, and an eleven month old who wouldn’t nap, nursed all night and refused to sleep for longer than an hour at a time.

Narisha stepped in and did a complete evaluation of my baby’s day. She listened to all of my concerns and provided an immediate plan of action that fit exactly with my parenting style, and supported me every step of the way.

Within 5 nights, my baby slept twelve hours through the night, for the first time ever. I never imagined this would be possible. Working with Narisha has been life altering for our family, and I’ll be forever grateful for her guidance and support in helping my little guy become an independent sleeper!

Thank you,  Narisha, from the bottom of my heart! You have been a true blessing!”


Alexia Taylor

– Military wife and Mummy of Kieran (4) and Finnegan (11 months)


I have just had the pleasure of having Narisha work with me to help with my daughter Isla (1yr old) sleep. Isla was being fed or rocked to sleep sometimes for up to four hours at a time, and waking every hour or two throughout the night, sometimes wanting to be fed, sometimes just crying inconsolably. We were both totally exhausted, and I was struggling to find time to spend with my other two children in the evenings. Narisha came up with a detailed plan that allowed me to be there to support Isla as she went to sleep as I wanted to take a gentle approach, and worked with me to be able to fit in my older childrens activities as well. Narisha gave me lots of feedback and ideas to help tweak what I was doing and get it just right for us. She provided fantastic support throughout the entire process. Her advice has proved to be invaluable. I couldn’t believe it when Isla had two proper naps on the very first day, and slept through the night from day five! She even slept through the very night that four new teeth came through! Both Isla and I really enjoy the bedtime routine that Narisha suggested to us, it’s become a lovely time for us both to relax a little. The difference to my whole family is huge, I can now put Isla to bed, knowing she will happily sleep all night, and then I have time to spend with my two older children and my husband. I just wish I’d done this 6 months ago!


Maree & Isla

 Zoe (2) had been going backwards in her sleep ever since we went camping for New Years. I didn’t mind to go in and just gently shh her a couple times a night but after around 6 weeks it was taking more and more to get her back to sleep and I was shattered and upset.

Narisha helped me have the courage to stick to a plan that I knew would work but I needed someone to guide me through it and encourage me to stick at it.

Over the week Zoe’s sleep has returned to a pretty solid 11-12 hours and I haven’t gone in for her in nearly a week as she is managing to settle herself in the night after a few minutes.

It’s been a terrific help and I really feel like things are back on track!


Monica & Zoe

 Since emailing Narisha, I recognised there were a few things we could change and improve on to help Keelan sleep through the night.

Prior to emailing with Narisha, we had begun self soothing but hadn’t been fully sticking to it, which I think was confusing for Keelan.

Following the advice and reading material we felt more confident in going through with self soothing and moving Keelan into his own room, we also were advised to have Keelan in a baby sleeping bag, which we did.

Within two nights Keelans sleeping habits began to change and after four nights he slept a whole night without needing his mum or dad.

Unfortunately we ended the sleeping log with a short trip away which disturbed Keelans good sleeping habits, but only took 1 unsettled night, then the following night Keelan was back to sleeping through the night.


Rose & Keelan

Huge thank you to Abby for all her amazing help and advice. I thought I will share here  I worked with Abby in November last year: my then 6.5 month old daughter has been waking up every hour at night demanding a feed and needed to be rocked to sleep for hours, our day naps were all over the place as well, I was completely absolutely exhausted! Literally on the edge of my physical and mental abilities  Abby recommended an age appropriate schedule and let me choose the sleep training method I was most comfortable with, she guided me all the way through the most difficult times of sleep training, gave fantastic feedback on our daily logs, on nutrition and many other things, I really got heaps of useful information! As a first time mum I didn’t know anything of that and that was priceless.
Things were improving with bub’s sleep but after a couple of months she was sick with gastro and unfortunately we got back to rocking and waking up numerous times at night… I tried same technique but as bub was now nearly 9 month old, she somehow got more stubborn and none of my efforts worked… I called Abby again for advise and she did a good tune up and got us back on track again. Looks like she knows everything about these babies)))) We still have funny nights from time to time but mostly sleep through the night now after so many months struggling. I feel like I’m a new person, I can sleep at night! Obviously the baby is much happier now as well! So is the hubby I can’t thank you enough for your support Abby!

Shannon worked her magic for my son Lachlan. He had just turned 1, we always had to rock and pat him to sleep and often he wouldn’t sleep in his own bed. I could also count on one hand the amount of times he’d actually slept through the night. It’s still early days as it’s only been a couple of weeks but already Lachlan goes to sleep on his own, and in his own bed, usually from 7pm-7am – uninterrupted. Now that he is sleeping better at night he’s also dropped down to one big nap a day

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Baby Sleep Consultant Australia. Abby has been amazingly supportive and encouraging and very thorough to ensure her advice is tailored to suit mine and my babies attachment and needs.
My baby has gone from having 1 or 2 20minute naps to having 2 structured day naps. He was waking up to 5 or 6 times a night which is currently down to twice a night with a plan in place to help him settle for longer during the night. I’m now much less stressed about going back to work. Thanks Abby!

Abby from Baby Sleep Consultants was an absolute god send for our family. She helped us tweak a few things and the very first night our son slept through the night for the very first time since he was born 18 months ago!! Abby was gentle and non judgemental and worked wonders! I would highly recommend her services to anyone!! Thank you Abby for all of you help and for good night sleeps!!

Abby, thank you so much for our phone consult! You really understood where I was coming from dealing with work and lack of sleep. I was skeptical, but George loves his new routine and you got him sleeping through in just 2 nights! Thank you, I wish I did this months ago!

“Thank you so much Shannon for all your help with Dakota, her sleep routine and our daily routine with her. You supported us so well with our parenting style and helped us with countless things we didn’t even realise we could change or do better. Within the first two days, Dakota was a completely different baby, and the happiest she has been since birth. The assesment you provided is extremely thorough and your enthusiasm to follow up on how we are going with bub is wonderful. You are a true lifesaver! I wish we had contacted Baby Sleep Consultant Australia sooner!” ~Tiana and Stefan

My daughter was an awful sleeper, both day and night since she was 4 months old. I really struggled getting her to sleep at all during the day and she woke multiple times overnight. Miriam helped us when she was 13 months old, and I felt comfortable and hopeful from our very first communication. Miriam was lovely and she really took the time to understand our issues before tailoring an approach and routine that fitted around our existing activities and that I was comfortable with. She always answered my questions quickly and thoroughly, was punctual and flexible with our catch ups and 100% supportive. She has completely changed my life! I have a sleeping baby now! I could not recommend Miriam highly enough.

Miriam helped my daughter Holly and I get more precious sleep. Prior to Miriam stepping in, we were reliant on the dummy to get Holly to sleep. At all hours I’d be up and down, popping the dummy back in, only for it to fall out before I’d even collapsed back onto the mattress! We’d also been going through the dreaded 4 month regressions, and I was feeling particularly knackered. After one brilliant week of working with Miriam, I got more sleep than I’d ever had since becoming a mother.  Holly even managed to – pop the champagne corks –  sleep through the night! I’m grateful to Miriam for providing me with knowledge, a good schedule to work to, techniques to help settle and good advice to help me get Holly on to a routine that works well to our lifestyle. Thanks Miriam.

Kelly Eng

Your help and guidance gave me the confidence to settle my baby in his bassinet during the day. This was a huge thing for us. 

Thank you Miriam for being a very helpful resource to get my 12 week old into a better structured sleep routine. The suggestions and assistance provided us with some really useful ideas and we greatly benefitted from your input. Thanks again, Vanessa and Audrey. 

“Miriam’s help has been an absolute blessing for my sanity! I found myself in an exhausting pattern of feeding my little boy off to sleep throughout the night and struggling to get anything much longer than a catnap during the day. With her supportive guidance we’ve been able to turn that all around. Nathan is now settling easily for his day naps and is consistently sleeping for longer periods at night. I felt that Miriam took our needs and parenting style into consideration as we worked towards our sleep goals. I can happily recommend Miriam’s sleep help.”

“Thanks SO much for your help! Nathan has been continuing to sleep well. It is so lovely to see him getting proper rest. And be able to spend more one-on-one time with my other kids.

Thank you!”


“Thank you so much for your help. It has been amazing working with you. The detail you provided was outstanding and in a week we have seen so much improvement. Thank you for being so encouraging”

“Miriam was absolutely great. I was co-sleeping and constantly breastfeeding to sleep for naps and during the night. It became  so bad that I had to go and lie down with my 4 month old in the evenings at 7pm, not leaving any time for my husband and I to reconnect. Miriam helped us by creating a schedule that worked instantaneously with our boy’s natural rhythm. Most of all, she was extremely respectful of the gentle approach that we wanted to take. She was very patient with us when we got started and was always ready to  give us more tips. Most of all she was never judgemental.Her help was verythorough and each day we continue to improve – little steps. My son has been able to self-settle in his cot which he had never done before.

We couldn’t have done it without Miriam. Highly recommend her. “


“Well if you’re reading this

(My dear ‘sister’), you’re shattered with exhaustion and feel alone…

You’re not alone!!

Miriam will get you and your little insomniac into bed and asleep BUT you have to listen to her,

Commit fully and be willing to change your ways.

I can’t praise her enough,

I can’t thank her enough,

Good luck and CALL HER NOW !!!!

So happy with the improvements my baby has made in only one week! We no longer have to rock him to sleep and he can sleep for more than 40 minutes. Miriam was really understanding, knowledgeable and helped up choose and implement a settling technique which we were comfortable with.”

Cheers, Michelle.

“Miriam provides a clear, knowledgeable and caring approach to helping with infant sleep. My son went from needing me to hold him all day every day to now sleeping in his cradle. During my work with Miriam, he also slept longer than he ever had before. The knowledge I gained was very useful! “