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Our certified sleep consultants can help get your little one’s sleep back on track with these packages. Home and phone consult options available.

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Baby Sleep Consultant Australia

We are a team of trained and certified sleep consultants across the country who are here to help you get the sleep you and your baby need.

We believe sleep is a biological necessity not a luxury for all children and their parents. We are the most holistic consultants in the industry, and the only ones working directly with nutritionists, and breastfeeding experts.

We’re professionals in our field.

We take everything into consideration when dealing with your sleep problem: This includes but is not limited to environment, temperament, parenting style, family culture and situation as well as any illness’s or medical conditions which might be affecting your child’s sleep.

Our certified and friendly team are here to help.
Call us now on  0435 949 929

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Our certified Sleep Consultants are here to help

We pride our selves on producing top consultants who really know their stuff!

When you book with Baby Sleep Consultant you are booking with the most experienced team available. There is nothing we haven’t seen, and successfully fixed! Contact one of the team today to see how we can help you.

We are the only registered training provider in Australasia, and all of our sleep consultants are fully certified and trained by Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd.

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Meet Our Sleep Consultants

“I can’t believe after one night James is still sleeping through the night! He has begun to consolidate his naps after just 1 week of working with you. Our house is all much happier and well rested since you left, I am so grateful to you and the team and Baby Sleep Consultant.”

Renee & Simon

“Thanks so much for your help we wouldn’t of had the courage to do it ourselves! We have got Harriet in a nice routine and things are going really well and she is a happy smiley girl now. It made us sad that she was so tired and unhappy, and that we had waited so long to seek help.”


“Working with Nish was the best thing I have done for my son in his entire 7 months, she has taught me about the importance of sleep and I feel so much more confident as a mother. I didn’t realize how much my lack of sleep was affecting my family. We are so much happier and I feel I am actually enjoying my son for the first time. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

Nadine & John

Sleep Consultants Australia-Wide

Our sleep consultants are available across Australia.

map-australia-locationsWe pride ourselves on producing top consultants who really know their stuff! When you book with Baby Sleep Consultant you are booking with the most experienced team available. There is nothing we haven’t seen, and successfully fixed!

We have consultants based in:

  • Adelaide 0424 191 149
  • Brisbane 0433440170
  • Perth 0416 803 477
  • Sydney 0413 007 251
  • Melbourne 0416 248 778

Call our consultants on 0435 949 929

Meet Our Sleep Consultants

Training & Certification

We are the only registered training provider in Australasia.

certifiedOur Baby Sleep Consultant Certification is unique because we focus significant attention on understanding the role of a Baby Sleep Consultant, including the breastfeeding relationship, counselling and the importance of emotional well-being in sleep consulting practices.

Our graduates leave with:

  • Internationally-recognized child sleep methods
  • A holistic and healthy approach to new-born sleep
  • Assistance and demonstrative communication skills
  • A thorough understanding of a multitude of dynamics which effect infant and toddler sleep

We are looking for more consultants across Australia

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